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• 1/30/2019
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• 1/28/2019

Restoring data

Hello, I was playing the beta app, but it created some issues, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled the normal one. Now I lost all my data. The app was backing up correctly and I was connected to Facebook and Google Play, but connecting now doesn't bring back my old data. Any idea on how to restore it?

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• 11/14/2018

Smash two animals on a giraffe without jumping off

Hello everyone,

I´ve come across a mission in the Savannah area.

It requires me to Smash two animals with one jiraffe without jumping.

Is this possible? If so, how?

Thank you!

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• 9/21/2018

Account restore - help

Hello everyone,
I deleted rodeo stampede app from my phone, then I installed it again but when I login with my google play account it doesn't restore all my game datas and progress.
What can I do for restore it with my google play account?
I dont have facebook so I can't use it.

Many thanks for a feedback
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• 9/12/2018

Space Zoo New Zone Suggestion - Underworld

A place for dark(or maybe not so dark) mythical creatures.


Blackish stone floor with stalagmites(while the player can't see it, the idea is since this is the 'underworld', the map is a large cavern with a very, very high ceiling).

Lava - On each/one side of the map, with occasional rocks jutting out of them. Drips/Flows off cliffs. Getting in contact with the lava on the side will immediately burn the player to death unless they are riding a salamander(see below). Like Jurassic's meteors/Olympic's lightning, there will be round warning marks - a column of lava will burst from the floor and leave a round pool of lava as it sinks back into the ground. Being too near the column or stepping on the lava pool will cause the player to burn normally. As there are no puddles, a salamander has to be ridden to put out the fire(also see below).

Collectible: Ghosts, shaped like the Halloween event ghosts and somewhere around the size of Jurassic's eggs(or smaller).


Runs normally in stampede. Speeds up when angry. Can be upgraded to throw the player after crashing & burn slowly when ridden.


Giant wolf in Norse legend.


Runs normally in stampede. Jumps on obstacles and glides down. Jumps and bucks midair when angry, throwing the player off.

 -Lemon Demon



Sits still in the map like an obstacle, facing the player. When ridden, runs in a hop-like gait like the Arctic Hare. When angry, jolts to a stop and solidifies in a sitting pose, throwing the player.

-Gargoyle of Liberty

Statue of Liberty reference.



Flying animals that can smash small animals. Swoops down somewhere in front of the player and flies in the same pace for a while.





"Rumored to be a human-turned bloodthirsty monster. Actually a nice neighboring canine who happens to be able to walk on two legs."

Jogs in the map on two legs with a slouch, runs on four legs when ridden. Smashes trees. Alternates between jumping and running when angry.


 Dog version of the werewolf.



Steampunk themed with wires.


Large predator animal, eats the player when angry. Can be upgraded to eat anything. After every 6 animals eaten, charges with antlers down and smashes anything once. Will not eat until an animal or obstacle is smashed.


 Time/clock themed.


Crawls on the side of/in the lava. Fast-ish in lava, slow on land. Player is immune to burning while riding them and all previous burns will disappear. Start zig-zagging and become harder to control when angry.


 Solomon reference. "A wise king who told the arguing salamanders to split the egg in half."


Giant quadrupedal dark-grey reptile with ridges running down its back, like a wingless western dragon. Player is warned by the ground shaking and claws appearing to grip the side of the cliff - drakes will start to climb up slightly ahead of the player, and stick out its head and shoulders just in time to crash if the player doesn't avoid it. If the player avoids it, it will climb up the rest of the way and speed up to run ahead of the player at a certain distance for a while before slowing down. When ridden, immune to everything except lava columns. Eats the player when angry.


Drake version of a kraken.


Godzilla reference.

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• 9/10/2018

Problem in Outback to unlock the Spying fox

Hi people :)
I'm trying to make the Spying Fox (secret Flying fox) appear in the Outback area but it doesn't work.
I know I'm supposed to smash a house or a windmill but I always go through instead of breaking it. Anyone has a similar problem?
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• 8/20/2018

SOLVED W/ UPDATE: Mission progress stuck in Jurassic

Hey friends. Yodo is looking into it, but I am stuck on Jurassic Mission with the task of “Ride 6 centipedes in one run.” This isn’t possible in the Jurassic. Any advice?
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• 8/10/2018

Best Baby Animal

Hi people of the world! I was wondering what the best baby animal in the game is in your opinion? Thanks :)
P.S the picture was necessary :) Thank to Rachelchen1205 for drawing it :) *thinks of science...*
P.P.S injuries or death may occur...
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• 7/24/2018

problem with update

Hi guys, i have a problem. when i open the game it tries to download some update (appears "1/17" on a status bar and a button with the word "retry") but it gets stuck even if i push the button. I've tried with the mobile connected to the wifi, i've stopped and restarded the game a lot of times but actually i can't play. Is there something who knows the solution?
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• 7/19/2018


Here are what I think caused the stampedes:
Savannah, Jungle, Outback: a fire.
Mountains: Landslides.
Tundra: Shipwreck.
Jurassic: Volcano.
Olympus: Anger of Zeus.
Garden: Exterminator
What do YOU think caused the stampedes?
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• 7/7/2018

Keep Save Change Phone

Can somebody help me ? I change my phone, a samsung (android) to a new samsung, how can I have my save of stampede in my new phone ?
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• 7/2/2018

Space Zoo Energy

Is the maximum energy for the Soace Zoo always going to be 1200? Or as you get to higher places like Tundra, will the maximum energy for the Space Zoo go up?
Sorry about the poll. I just really wanted to try it...
Will it?
  • Yes
  • No
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• 7/2/2018


This is an ongoing list of different messages that you receive after dying/loading. Please add descriptions by replying below. Here are a first few- Endangered species grant maximum XP towards hats and outfits. It's harder for rare animals to find a match. Purchase the Revive Raven to revive once per run, forever! Jungle, Mountains, Outback and more - new islands are coming soon! The rarer the animal, the more XP you get when you lasso it.
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• 6/26/2018

Saving game progress

Is there a way to save game progress across devices? (iPod touch and iPhone)
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• 6/25/2018

Money/New Animals

Does anyone know a good way to gain lots of money? Also is there anyway to make a animal appear?
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• 6/22/2018


On the last update (the 2 years anniversary) I got the right ammount of presents to get the Quarter-Yak, but it doesn't appear on its habitat, however the game says me that I own it, it has also increased by one the number of Yaks I have, but I still don't see it. I'm seeking it in Mountain zone to see if by getting it there it may apperar but I haven't found it yet. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone knows a way to fix this?
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• 6/21/2018


It's almost summer! I won't be around very often, or even around at all anymore, so please enjoy my company while it lasts.
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• 5/27/2018


My character was changed into a girl and i have no idea how to change it back so can someone help me please
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• 5/23/2018


Does anyone know if anything special happens when you've 100% completed the game? I'm at 95% and i'm assuming i'll be done after the second anniversary event is over.
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• 5/23/2018

Admin/Bucreaucrat Position Available

Hi all users, I have an important announcement to make. Please read the following carefully.

Currently, this wiki has been mostly just my work, with Nickarmstrong84 helping me out with framework work that he can use a bot for. I must say that it is a huge commitment, and certainly not one I can keep up forever. So I am looking for somebody willing to devote their time and effort into Rodeo Stampedia, and succeed my role in the future.

I must admit that I am still a high school student myself. I am in my final two years of school and I am studying subjects a year early, meaning that I have exams approaching this year that will determine my university course, and I have to spend my time on that. Rodeo Stampedia, and Rodeo Stampede, unfortunately, is not a life, or a career, and my exams will take priority, as will my university course and work later on. I will still be a member of the wiki, seeing as I built it from scratch, but I need people to take the load, and eventually take over, with myself not featuring so heavily anymore.

The wiki is extremely complex, there are many many facets to manage, which I had no idea of when I started about a year and a half ago. I had to experiment, learn, ask admins of other wikis with more coding experience than me, research the game in depth, write descriptions, edit images, edit templates, design the main page, design infoboxes and build a community from nothing. So I am asking for any candidate who is willing, to first assist me, experiment with code, work their way around the wiki, before eventually taking over as main admin and possibly become a bureaucrat.

Here are some of the things that currently need work. If you are interested in a few (not all, it’s heaps and heaps of work), comment below.
- Baby animal images: currently Nickarmstrong84 works on those, however, these require great care. PowerPoint is a really easy, fast way to crop the images, and you can ask other users to send you images by adding them to the Dropbox folder immediately (which should make the quality of the image higher) or to get them to email them to you. I tend to use PowerPoint if the animal isn’t too detailed, because it is so fast and easy, however, for more detailed animals or animals with small limbs/parts that are easy to accidentally miss and crop out, I use an iPad app called PhotoShop Mix, where you can edit down to the pixel.
- Animal pages: descriptions may be the hardest thing to write, having to be detailed, formal and fairly long. Not many people have the motivation to write these. Currently I write all of these, occasionally Aitchfactor will too.
- Vandalism protection: all pages are open to editing, however, if vandalism occurs, that is not a reason to protect the page. Simply give the user a warning, if they do it again, you can block them for as long as you believe is fair. More details about this will be received when you apply.
- Animal page colours: the colours on the headers of the infoboxes and navboxes are all on a template: These require you to use a colour picker to find appropriate colours which are based on the animal, and put them in as a hex code.
- Animal icons: I will continue with these, but the icons on the Animals page still need to be done.
- Hats images: currently these have been ignored, but check out the Hats page on the wiki.
- Other templates: Nickarmstrong84 tends to work on these, and I believe that he still will in his free time.
- Other page information: Pretty much, I need someone who can write and is willing to research the game. I will be unable to do this all the time, so I need assistance with this.
- Design choices: I think I’ve finalised all the design choices, but if anyone has any improvements, they can change it up.
- Zone colours: Zone colours are based on the mission stars in the Sky Zoo and the text colour of Space Zoo zones in the Progress menu.
- Discussion moderation: self explanatory
- News blogs
- Polls: these let users decide what they want in the game, or allow for wiki improvement
- Any other things you can come up with that you’d like implemented in the wiki for the community

Most of the things on the wiki work systematically, but I don’t expect anyone at all to be able to pick this all up first go. It took me a year to get to this stage of dedication and versatility, pretty much doing all facets alone. More information will be given to those who are interested.

If you are interested, I will require a time of 3 weeks of consistent work on the wiki where you will learn about how things work, in order for you to be considered as eligible and willing to put the time in. It doesn’t have to be much, just a contribution a day, and more than just a comment. I will take a back seat in order to allow for this, and watch over this.

However, please note that I will still remain on the wiki, however, I will not feature so heavily as I don’t have the time for it, and for a top 400 wiki to not have a proper admin is suicidal due to vandalism and maintenance requirements.

If you are interested or you have any questions, please comment below.

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