Note: This page is made for reference of viewers.

This page sorts baby animals by their abilities. For information regarding baby animals and how to obtain them, click here.

Please choose an ability to view baby animals which have that ability, sorted by stats. You can view the best ability by sorting the "Ability" column; based on that ability, it will order animals in order of that stat. For example, click on the "Rare animals appear x% more often" link in the table, and then sort the "Ability" column to find the baby animal that boosts rare animals the most.

Baby Animal Abilities
Animals are x% faster in water Animals get angry x% slower Animals handle ice x% better Bucks are x% smaller
Crates give x% more coins Eating animals is x% more effective Energy drains x% slower Fire burns x% slower
Flying animals swoop x% slower Jump from animals x% faster Jump from animals x% higher Lasso starts x% larger
Lasso shrinks x% slower Mating animals appear x% more often Missions give x% more coins Rare animals appear x% more often
Ridden animals are x% faster Ridden animals are x% slower Taming animals is x% quicker Taming mating animals is x% quicker
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