The Bamboozled Panda is the fourth panda in zoo order. It can be found in the stampede after player upgrades their panda habitat to level 5 or higher.

Appearance Edit

The Bamboozled Panda looks identical to the Panda, except its body is wrapped by a barrel-shaped costume that resembles a bamboo stalk, coloured green, with a yellow rim at both ends, and a lighter green rim wrapping around its abdomen which resembles a bamboo node. There are three bamboo leaves that sprout from the top left of the green rim, and from both of the Bamboozled Panda's ears. Its four limbs are also wrapped with four bamboo stalk-like sleeves.

Description Edit

No snack is too big for this panda.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is low due to it being a tier 4 animal. It will appear randomly but not often, and never before 1100m.

Baby Bamboozled Panda Edit

Baby Bamboozled Panda
  • Animals get angry 5% slower
  • Crates give 10% more coins
  • Eating animals is 10% more effective

Trivia Edit

  • The Bamboozled Panda plays on both bamboo, the food that pandas are renowned for eating, and the word 'bamboozled', meaning to be confused.
    • The description reflects this, as well as referencing a panda's large appetite.
    • The Baby Bamboozled Panda's ability of 'Eating animals is 10% more effective' also relates to this.

Notes Edit

  • The Bamboozled Panda was released in version 1.22.0 on the 28th of January 2019 along with Great Wall and the first five Great Wall species.
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