Brown Bear
Brown Bear
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Bear
Class Base
Zone Mountains
Unlocked Mountains 1
Tier Tier 1
Distance Found > 0m
XP Given 0
Breeding Time 1hr

The Brown Bear is the first bear that the player can befriend, and one of the first animals that can be befriended in Mountains.

Appearance Edit

The Brown Bear resembles a real-life brown bear with a smooth fur coat and dark feet and facial features. It has a small round tail. Barring its eyes it is entirely brown.

Description Edit

A powerful omnivore that hibernates during winter. Can climb, dig and swim, but fails driving tests due to poor eyesight.

Requirements Edit

Baby Brown Bear Edit

Baby Brown Bear
  • Eating animals is 6% more effective

Trivia Edit

  • The description references a real life brown bear's behaviour, as well as hints that bears can smash trees in game.
  • The Baby Brown Bear's ability also reflects the ability of the adult.

Notes Edit

  • The Brown Bear was released in version 1.1.0 on the 26th of July 2016 along with Mountains and all other Mountains species.
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