The Captain Bananarrrrr is the fifth monkey in zoo order. It can be found in the stampede when the player upgrades their monkey habitat to level 2 or higher.

Appearance Edit

The Captain Bananarrrrr has the same appearance as the Monkey, but with extra accessories. It wears a beige buccaneer shirt, with three decorative yellow stripes on each shoulder, and a small red leather coat outside. It also wears an eye-patch on its right eye, and a blue pirate hat on top of its head, with a yellow brim outline and an embossed white pirate's logo at the front.

Description Edit

Shiver me timbers, that's one swashbuckling baboon!

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is low due to it being a tier 4 animal. It will appear randomly but not often, and never before 1400m.

Baby Captain Bananarrrrr Edit

Baby Captain Bananarrrrr
  • Jump from animals 5% higher
  • Rare animals appear 5% more often
  • Animals are 10% faster in water

Trivia Edit

  • The Captain Bananarrrrr plays on both a monkey's renowned love for bananas and "arrrrr", a pirate's call.
    • The description also references stereotypical pirate speak.
    • The Baby Captain Bananarrrrr's ability to increase speed in water is because pirates are usually found travelling the high seas.

Notes Edit

  • The Captain Bananarrrrr was released in version 1.22.0 on the 28th of January 2019 along with Great Wall and the first five Great Wall species.
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