The Careodactyl is the third pterodactyl by order in the zoo.

Appearance Edit

The Careodactyl embodies many health themed additions, with two white syringes sitting on either wing, and a small unlit surgical headlight and grey headband wrapped around its dark navy and white banded crest. Employing the light grey and dark navy blue colour scheme are its claws, wings, torso and beak.

Description Edit

Prehistoric first-aid is lacking, but rapid response is better than nothing.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is medium due to it being a tier 3 animal. It will appear in just over half the runs the player does, and never before 750m.

Baby Careodactyl Edit

Baby Careodactyl
  • Lasso starts 10% larger
  • Flying animals swoop 5% slower
  • Energy drains 1% slower in the Jurassic (passive)

Trivia Edit

  • The Careodactyl is a play on health care. The name is a portmanteau of 'care' and 'pterodactyl'.
    • This is reflected in the appearance and description, which also plays on how first aid was yet to be developed in prehistoric times, particularly during the time of the dinosaurs.

Notes Edit

  • The Careodactyl was released in version 1.8.0 on the 18th of May 2017, along with Jurassic and most Jurassic animals.
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