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CNY 2018 Zoo

The decorated zoo entrance in the 2018 CNY event

Chinese New Year (often abbreviated as 'CNY') is an event holiday celebrated in Rodeo Stampede. It occurs near the start of the year, usually from January to February, around the Lunar or Chinese New Year. As the name suggests, most decorations and themes are Chinese New Year related.


Chinese New Year Lion

The non-tameable lion from the 2017 CNY event

Chinese New Year events have had the most gameplay change of any event holiday. The first Chinese New Year event was also the first to feature a shop where the player could purchase limited-time animals, however these were later re-released as endangered animals. In that event, the player could ride special non-tameable animals, the Chinese dragon (also later re-released to be permanent) and Chinese lion, which were indestructible and gave ingots (Ingot) for obstacles smashed. Using the Ingot, the player could buy festive animals and hats from the shop.

In 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022, the player had to ride animals that had lanterns floating over their backs to earn lanterns (Lantern Icon). This was effectively the same as the Halloween event gameplay, and was later reused in the 2021 Chinese New Year Event too, albeit using fireworks (Firework Currency) instead. Once again, the player could use these currencies to purchase festive items from the event shop. In 2019, the player was even able to purchase the then-new Great Wall zone from the event shop.

The 2020 Chinese New Year Event had the most unique gameplay of all Chinese New Year events, featuring a "boss battle". The player could tame new limited-time animals from completing a boss mission featuring that animal. Once the player tamed the boss, subsequent successful attempts at the mission would reward Lantern Icon, with harder missions giving more Lantern Icon. These lanterns could be used to purchase other animals and hats from the event shop.

The 2024 Chinese New Year Event also had a very unique gameplay style. The player had to collect shards (Puzzle Piece) for each separate new animal. Puzzle Piece could be collected through daily missions, in a special sub-zone, or by opening chests. The chests could be opened using ingots (Ingot 2) and reward Puzzle Piece, Ingot 2, and a possibility of an increased chance of event animals appearing in the sub-zone.



So far, 5 unique currencies have been used for Chinese New Year events:

  • Ingots (Ingot)
  • Lanterns (Lantern Icon)
  • Fireworks (Firework Currency)
  • Ingots 2 (Ingot 2)
  • Shards/Puzzle Pieces (Puzzle Piece)


The Chinese New Year events replaced all music in the game with the Chinese New Year theme: