Event animals are animals that could only be obtained through a limited time event and had to be bought with the special currency of the time before being present in the wild. These animals were not released permanently. Once they have been purchased they are found in an identical manner to regular animals. To get the baby animal, the player has to search in the stampede for a 'match' after the adult has been purchased, and ride the 'match' for a specific amount of time to begin breeding the baby. Once the event expires, the player can still obtain the content from that event in following events, most namely, the next anniversary event, which is a chance to catch up on any missed animals and hats.

Animals Edit

Animal Species Unlocked Event First Released XP Given
BuffaloBQ Buffalo Savannah 1 Third Anniversary Event 3
Kirin Zebra Savannah 1 Chinese New Year Event 2018 3
Merry-go-round Zebra Savannah 1 Children's Festival 3
Blessing Elephant Elephant Savannah 1 Chinese New Year Event 2018 3
Kungfu Ostrich Ostrich Savannah 2 Chinese New Year Event 2018 3
Giraffemas Tree Giraffe Savannah 3 Winter Holiday Event 2017 3
Scarecrow Vulture Savannah 4 Halloween Event 2017 3
Sea Lion Lion Savannah 5 Second Anniversary Event 3
Frankenswine Boar Jungle 1 Halloween Event 2017 3
Investi-Gator Alligator Jungle 1 Second Anniversary Event 3
Bumper Car Hippo Hippo Jungle 2 Third Anniversary Event 3
Rhino Warrior Rhino Jungle 3 Chinese New Year Event 2018 3
Santa Claws Tiger Jungle 4 Winter Holiday Event 2017 3
Giant Panda Bear Mountains 1 Chinese New Year Event 2018 4
Thriller Wolf Wolf Mountains 2 Halloween Event 2017 4
Quarter-Yak Yak Mountains 3 Second Anniversary Event 4
Reindeer in Training Moose Mountains 5 Winter Holiday Event 2017 4
Opera Bunny Rabbit Tundra 2 Chinese New Year Event 2018 4
Birthdaysaurus Stegosaurus Jurassic 6 Third Anniversary Event 3

Trivia Edit

  • The only Sky Zoo zone currently lacking any event animals is the Outback.
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