This page contains the full basic information about secret animals, including how to get them and how much XP they give. Secret animals are animals that can only be found and befriended when the player completes a secret mission. The player is given hints about secret missions in-game. All secret animals give animal mastery XP, and are classified under tier 5. The full list of secret animals is below, as well as how to get all secret animals.

Animals Edit

IMPORTANT: Tips on how to obtain secret animals are below, however, visit each individual animal page below for more detailed information and tips.

Animal Species Unlocked XP Given Secret Mission


Savannah 1 3 Ride a buffalo for 30 seconds uninterrupted 010
Trojan Zebra


Savannah 4[1] 25 Ride 7 different animal species in a row 020


Savannah 4 5 Jump over a large central rock past 1000m 030
Le'Ion Chef


Savannah 5 14 Eat 30 animals on a single lion 040


Jungle 1 3 Only appears in the morning between 3:00 and 10:00 AM 050


Jungle 2 15 Ride a hippo for 25 seconds uninterrupted 060


Jungle 4 25 Ride 7 different animal species in a row 070


Jungle 5 6 Jump 85m off a toucan and land it 080
Gearpunk Yak


Mountains 3 10 Smash 10 animals on a single yak 090
SU-24 Bearoplane


Mountains 4 8 Ride 2000m on an eagle uninterrupted 100
Robin Should


Mountains 4 3 Jump off the side of a cliff in line with a line of 4 shrubs 110
Dark Mousse


Mountains 5 20 Ride 8 different animal species in a row (start on a non-Mountains animal) 120

Drop Bear

Outback 1 6 Found on flaming trees past 2000m towards the sides of cliffs 130


Outback 2 5 Smash 4 (see here for more info) animals on a wombat 140


Outback 5 15 Ride 8 different animal species in a row (start on a non-Outback animal) 150
Spying Fox

Flying Fox

Outback 5 5 Smash or have an outhouse or windmill smashed 160
Snow Bunny


Tundra 2 8 Ride 6 (see here for more info) rabbits in a row 170
Clockwork Fox


Tundra 4 8 Ride a fox for 30 seconds uninterrupted 180
Fairy Penguin


Tundra 5 30 Ride 8 different animal species in a row (start on a non-Tundra animal) 190
Sabre Tooth Walrus


Tundra 5 6 Found jumping from central rock area with drop-offs on both sides 200


Jurassic 1 5 Ride 10 raptors in a row 210

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Jurassic 2 5 Collect 5 eggs in one run 220


Jurassic 4 5 Smash a tyrannosaurus rex with an ankylosaurus 230


Jurassic 5 5 Ride 8 different animal species in a row 240


Jurassic 6 5 Eat 9 shrubs with a stegosaurus 250


Jurassic 7 12 Ride 10 different animal species in one run (start on a non-Jurassic animal) 260


Olympus 1 12 Ride a single hind for 33 seconds uninterrupted 270


Olympus 3 5 Smash 2 minotaurs with phoenixes 280


Olympus 3 5 Eat or have 3 phoenixes with/by griffins 290


Olympus 5 5 Ride 8 different animal species in a row 300
Fruit Tartle


Olympus 5 5 Found in pools on the very side of the stampede 310


Garden 1 5 Bump 6 ants with a single ant 320
Mirror Spider


Garden 1 5 Collect 5 acorns in one run 330
Dragoon Fly


Garden 3 5 Jump from dragonfly to a spider 340
Samurai Bug


Garden 4 12 Ride any animal for 2000m uninterrupted 350


Garden 6 12 Ride 8 different animal species in a row 360
Bucking Bronco


Great Wall 1 5 Ride a zebra for 1000m in Great Wall 370
Water Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Great Wall 1 5 Ride a single monkey for 23 seconds 380
Pandering Princess


Great Wall 2 5 Found on outside edge of a tower; line of shrubs directs player 390
Impeckable Gentlebird


Great Wall 3 5 Collect 3 lanterns while riding cranes in one run 400
  1. The Trojan Zebra can only be found from Savannah 4 if the player begins on an epic animal.

Secret Animal Hints Edit

The player, when switching between zoos, entering a zone or in the Zoo/Retry menu when the player crashes, will receive some hints or messages. Some of these are secret animal hints, where the player is given a significant clue on how to get secret animals. Each secret animal has its own hint, and the respective hint disappears once the secret animal has been tamed, unless the hint applies to more than one animal. The list is below.

Animal Species Secret Mission
Diabuffalo Buffalo How long can you stay on a bucking buffalo?
Trojan Zebra Zebra Riding 7 different animals in a row is a difficult feat
Vulture-on Vulture The giraffes neck is useful for reaching places only birds can reach
Le'Ion Chef Lion If a lion could eat 30 animals, would it be satisfied?
Cockadoodile Alligator Mornings are the best time for alligator fishing
Platypotamus Hippo Ever tried to solo rodeo a hippo?
Dhinoceros Rhino Riding 7 different animals in a row is a difficult feat
Threecan Toucan After jumping from a toucan, you can fly almost 100m by yourself
Gearpunk Yak Yak How much can one yak smash?
SU-24 Bearoplane Bear Could you bear a long haul flight on eagles airlines?
Robin Should Eagle If the bushes told you to jump off a cliff, would you?
Dark Mousse Moose Start on an animal from another island to ride 8 different animals in a row
Bunyip Drop Bear
Bombat Wombat What happens if you cross a wombat with a bowling ball?
Cameleon Camel Start on an animal from another island to ride 8 different animals in a row
Spying Fox Flying Fox Wouldn’t it be funny to smash the dunny?
Snow Bunny Rabbit Make a habit, hopping from rabbit to rabbit
Clockwork Fox Fox On a fox hunt? You'll have to hold on for a while
Fairy Penguin Penguin Start on an animal from another island to ride 8 different animals in a row
Sabre Tooth Walrus Walrus
Philosoraptor Raptor Why not try to have a rapid raptor rodeo
T-Flex Tyrannosaurus Rex Grabbing a lot of eggs might anger a certain Tyrannosaurus Rex
Anglerosaurus Ankylosaurus Every ankylosaurus dreams of one day smashing a Tyrannosaurus Rex
Deeplodocus Brontosaurus Can you ride all Dinosaurs in one run?
Stegosawrus Stegosaurus Overfeeding a stegosaurus might lead to surprising results
Pizzadon Dimetrodon I wonder how many animals you can ride in the Jurassic...
Hindsight Hind Hold on to a deer and don't let go
Mine-o-taur Minotaur Bully a big bull with a bird
Threenix Phoenix Do griffins eat birds? Wait, are griffins even birds?
Quetzalcoatl Dragon
Fruit Tartle Turtle
Cant Ant
Mirror Spider Spider There's a spider that hates it when you take all its acorns
Dragoon Fly Dragonfly Prove you've mastered the Garden and jump from a Dragonfly to a Spider
Samurai Bug Beetle How far through the Garden can one insect take you
Shutterfly Butterfly
Bucking Bronco Horse
Water Dragon Chinese Dragon
Pandering Princess Panda
Impeckable Gentlebird Crane

Notes Edit

  • All Space Zoo secret animals had their XP change from 12 to 5 in version 1.15.0 on the 22nd of March 2018.
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