VIP animals are animals that are an extra reward for supporting the developers by making in-app purchases. They do not count towards progress, earn XP, have matches, babies, or have any special ability.

Despite being skins of different animal species, having the same behaviour as some animal species, they live in their own separate VIP habitat. This means that they are not counted as part of the species they resemble, and are unaffected by a species' habitat upgrades. From version 1.26.1, VIP animals were compensated by being given the same abilities as the species they resemble, or even better. For example, the Storm Clowld, like upgraded owls, is able to smash small animals and earn coins doing so, as well as earn 6x coins per crate (versus 4x of other owls) and ride for an extra 3s before getting angry (versus 1s).

To get VIP animals, the player must increase their VIP level, which can only be done by spending a certain amount of real money into the game. There are 10 levels in total, and the amount of money to get to the next level increases as the levels increase. The amount of money required to level up depends on the player's country and currency.

VIP animals are distinguishable for their names, each of which, except the Mecha Team, involving a pun, as well as their appearances, which all involve some special effects.

Prices Edit

Prices vary by country and currency. To see prices, go to the Shop in-game and tap the banner at the top, where it says "Check". You can see all VIP levels, animals and prices there.

VIP Animals Edit

Level Animal
1 Eleplant
2 Carboarn Crystal
3 Skeleton Rex
4 Yakintosh
5 Faunted
6 Drillbat
7 Firebug
8 Storm Clowld
9 Hierogryphon
10 Mecha Panda
10 Mecha Crane
10 Mecha Pangolin

Notes Edit

  • VIP animals were released in version 1.24.0 on the 23rd of October 2019 on iOS and the 25th of October on Android, along with pangolins, roosters and kirins.

Gallery Edit

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