Zoo Space Zoo
Species Phoenix
Class Regular
Zone Olympus
Unlocked Olympus 3
Tier Tier 2
Distance Found > 200m
XP Given 1
Breeding Time 2hrs

The Corvus is the second phoenix in the game. It can be found in the stampede when the player upgrades their phoenix habitat to level 2 or higher.

Appearance Edit

The Corvus is almost identical to the Phoenix, although all of its features, sans eyes, have been coloured pitch black.

Description Edit

A crow that was a servant to the god Apollo, who cursed the bird with unquenchable thirst as punishment for lying to him.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is high but not guaranteed due to it being a tier 2 animal. It will appear often but not necessarily in every run, and never before 200m.

Baby Corvus Edit

Baby Corvus
  • Lasso starts 5% larger
  • Crates give 15% more coins
  • Flying animals swoop 4% slower

Trivia Edit

  • The Corvus is a reference in name and description to the Greek myth of Corvus.

Notes Edit

  • The Corvus was released on the 18th of August 2017 in version 1.10.0 along with Olympus and the first five Olympus species.
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