The Dame Emu is the fifth emu in the stampede.

Appearance Edit

The Dame Emu is coloured lavender for most of its body, with a few areas which are a slightly lighter pink. It has an afro in a slightly darker shade of purple, and it wears a 'shirt' in the same shade of purple. On its face, it wears black glasses with sparkling gems on the corners. At the bottom of its neck, it wears a white necklace, which happens to be the same colour as its feet and earrings. The Dame Emu's wings are coloured a bright cyan, and the stick out from the middle of its 'shirt.' It also has an ombré of colours on its tail that is intended to appear eye catching and beautiful.

Description Edit

From suburban bird to celebrity talk show gigastar, in truth all credit is due to its manager.

Requirements Edit

Note: Its chance of appearing is extremely low due to it being a tier 5 animal. It will appear randomly but very rarely, and never before 2200m.

Baby Dame Emu Edit

Baby Dame Emu
  • Ridden animals are 7% faster
  • Crates give 25% more coins
  • Missions give 20% more coins

Trivia Edit

  • The Dame Emu is a reference to Australian icon Dame Edna.
    • The Dame Emu's description references Dame Edna's "manager" actually being the creator and actor of her character.

Notes Edit

  • The Dame Emu was released in version 1.3.0 on the 13th of October 2016 along with Outback and all other Outback species.
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