The Emu Challenge was the second competitive event in Rodeo Stampede, which had two parts. The main part occurred from the 21st to the 26th of April 2017, and the secondary part occurred from the 21st of April to the 20th of May 2017.

About Edit

The Emu Challenge was held mainly to give players the chance to unlock a Cock-a-doodle-emu if they missed out during the 2017 Chinese New Year event. Like other competitive events, to enter, the player had to post a video of themselves playing as an emu from the beginning in Outback onto KTplay. The objective of the Emu Challenge was to ride a single emu as far as possible in Outback. The part in which the player could win 80,000Zoo Coin and a Cash Cow ended on the 26th of April 2017 at 4:00 UTC, but the competition remained open until the 20th of May 2017 for those who wanted to win a Cock-a-doodle-emu and had missed the event or had not unlocked Outback 3 yet.

Rules Edit

  • Had to start as an emu and stay on it for the whole time
  • Must be in Outback
  • Must post full compressed video
  • Any sidekick allowed

Rewards Edit

  • Participate in challenge (submit a video of themselves on an emu in Outback)
  • Finish in the top 10 for longest distance
Cash Cow
  • Beat Ethan's high score of 3355m
80,000Zoo Coin

Notes Edit

  • The challenge finished earlier than the expected finishing date due to an update being released and the fact that there were already hundreds of entries by this date.

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