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The button for Exclusive Cowboy Packs

Exclusive Cowboy Packs are purchase-only packs that give exclusive purchase animals and hats.


Exclusive Cowboy Packs are the only way to get certain animals and hats in the game, and require real money to obtain. All packs that the player can possibly unlock appear or reappear every time when the player upgrades their Sky Zoo. All animals provided in these packs do not have babies, but can be found in the stampede, and give 30XP. All hats provided are of the costume class. The packs also give some coins.


Pack Animal(s) Hat(s) Coins (Zoo Coin.png) First Unlocked Lasts
I Elephanival Elephanival's Supporter Luxury Tour Savannah 2 2 days
II Garniffe Carnival Performer Luxury Tour Savannah 4 2 days
III Gorilla the Punch Speedy Punch Luxury Tour Jungle 1 3 days
Punchy Punch
IV Rhimor Rhimor Warrior B Luxury Tour Jungle 3 3 days
Rhimor Warrior A
V Asbirdation Nightman Executive Tour Mountains 1 3 days
Umbra Llama Umbra Scythe
VI Vampire Koala Vampire Expert Executive Tour Outback 1 3 days
Champion Kangaroo Champion Fighter
VII Antique Penguin Sharpshooter Celebrity Tour Tundra 1 4 days
Last Walrus Acute Spotter


  • Exclusive Cowboy Packs were first introduced in version 1.27.5 on iOS, on the 14th of November 2020. They were first introduced to Android in version 1.28.0.