The First Anniversary Event is a limited time event in the game that occurred from the 22nd of June to the 7th of August 2017.

First Anniversary Zoo 2

The Rodeo Statue in the Sky Zoo, with first anniversary decorations

About Edit

This event did not include any alterations to gameplay, with the only difference being the addition of collectible presents in each island, where each present was worth 1Gift Currency. Gift Currency could be used to buy hats and the Rodeo Statue in the first anniversary shop. The shop featured 2017 Chinese New Year and 2016 Winter Holiday prizes for those who had missed out or hadn’t started the game when those events occurred.

Additionally, party style decorations littered the Sky Zoo, particularly at the front gate and the cannon area.

While these hats and animals have expired, the player can still obtain them in the future events.

Prizes Edit

Anniversary Rewards Edit

Required(Gift Currency)
Rodeo Statue 50 N/A
The Buffalo 20 Costume
Golden Baboon 20 Costume
Giraffe Onesie 20 Costume
Dan's Hat 30 Costume
Featherweight Costume 30 Costume

Children’s Day Edit

Required(Gift Currency)
Pea Dragon 5 Common
Cupcake the Clown 5 Common
Patches the Clown 5 Common
Mr. Crab 5 Common
Shark Bay 5 Common

Chinese New Year Edit

Required(Gift Currency)
Ming Court Hat 5 Common
Cai Shen Hat 5 Common
Cai Shen Suit 10 Novelty
Auspicious Man 10 Novelty
Koi Suit 20 Costume
Tiger 20 Costume
Dragon 20 Costume
New Year's Rooster 20 Costume

Winter Holiday Edit

Required(Gift Currency)
Santa Hat 5 Common
Santa 10 Novelty
Mrs. Claus 10 Novelty
Snowman 20 Costume
Penguin Suit 20 Costume
Reindeer Suit 20 Costume

Notes Edit

  • The First Anniversary Event is the longest running event in Rodeo Stampede history.

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