This is a navigation page for information about the people who helped create Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari. This page also includes the credits displayed in-game, listing all recognised contributors who created the game.

Major Contributors Edit

Credits Edit

Developers Edit

Art Edit

Audio Edit

  • Paul Kopetko
  • Additional voices:
    • Marianne Mettes
    • Jack Heath
    • Venetia Major
    • Chris Macphillamy
    • Ryan Griffiths
    • Claire MacAlpine
    • Jessica Hawley

Update Team Edit

  • Nathan Chambers
  • Daniel Linssen
  • Yosha Noesjirwan

Publishing & Additional Development Edit

Update support Edit

  • Jennifer Limson
  • Robert Christian
  • Andrew Kurniawan
  • Tim Grant

Special Thanks Edit

  • All their friends and family
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