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Note: The following contains information regarding non-standard gameplay, or potential cheating methods. Please disregard if you would like to play legitimately.
Glitches and bugs are faults in the game's system, which can occur when certain things are done.

Rodeo Stampedia takes no responsibility for the outcome of any of the glitches described and whatever damage they may cause.

Bugged Models Edit

Currently, when the player is in the air and they have an animal that wears clothes or has additional extras in their lasso ring, the clothes or additional extras will not be yellow like it is intended to be, creating an inconsistent look.

Even animal species have ended up having bugged models, as lions have larger lips, eagles have a line on their chest and bears have two lines on their lower jaw.

The UFG, as it is missing its antennas, could also be a bug, but this could also have been intended.

Jurassic Secret Animals Edit

Jurassic secret animals were all bugged in that they all appear randomly, excluding the Stegosawrus, which was released later than all other Jurassic secret animals. This has since been fixed.

Short Throw Distance Edit

When animals, such as elephants and particularly walruses throw players off, the distance is much lower than should be, with every occasional (around once every 50) throw/hit being the correct distance. This particularly has led to the mission where the player must jump 110m off a walrus almost impossible, with the player only being able to jump 29m.

Slow Motion Edit

There was no known cause for this glitch, since it only happened randomly. The glitch made the gameplay slow, and also removed the music. It was infamously used in the Raptor Challenge to get high scores, but has since been fixed.

Rodeo Stampede Slow Motion glitch

Rodeo Stampede Slow Motion glitch

Spying Fox Edit

On some devices, there was a bug where the player could not smash windmills or outhouses, no matter what animal they were riding. In fact, all animals were able to pass right through as if they were not there. This bug was fixed in version 1.19.2.

Golden Ostrich Edit

The exact cause of this glitch is unknown, but if the player does the unknown requirement, sometimes the player can be seen to be riding a golden ostrich. There are no obstacles, animals, or walls while riding it, so when this glitch occurs, it can easily allow the player to achieve a new high score.

Negative Distance Edit

This glitch happens when any eating animal (e.g. lions, bears, drop bears, Spiders, and more) eats the animal that the player is riding. It will make only the surface visible and will bring the player back to a negative distance (e.g. -100m).

Credit to D3ath Angel - Games for the name.

Rodeo Stampede Negative Distance Glitch

Rodeo Stampede Negative Distance Glitch

Cruise Reset Edit

This was one of the most annoying bugs. When the player logged into Google Play and entered Rodeo Stampede, the game would lag a little. Then a loading circle would appear and the game would freeze, and it would then return to the title screen. The player could see that the cruise had been reset and they did not gain any Zoo Coin. This glitch was fixed in 1.15.1.

Drop Bear Glitch Edit

To make this glitch occur, the player must reach at least 1000 meters (unless the player has a Revive Raven) in Outback. The player must ride a drop bear until it becomes angry and begins slowing down. If the player immediately lassoes another animal just as the drop bear is about to eat the player, dies on that animal and then revives, the drop bear can be seen running ahead. After reviving, if the player gets on that drop bear, it will eat them.

Time Cheating Edit

This glitch is one of the most helpful glitches. To make it happen, the player must change the date and time forwards or backward and then open Rodeo Stampede again. Doing it forwards allows the player to open the Zoo repeatedly and get many cruises, as well as skipping breeding times and getting new missions. Doing it backwardss allows the player to return to recent events that have passed. However, advertisements cannot be viewed wh a a different time from that of the actual, current time because fn internet connection problems. This glitch can also be used to find new endangered animals that haven't been found before by constantly changing day to find the required animal. Finally, it can be used to get new missions faster, which can allow the player to get boss missions sooner. It is important to return to the correct time after using this glitch, as there is a risk of the app re-updating if the time is incorrect.

Tiny Animals Edit

This bug happens randomly and when it happens, tiny animals can be seen running in the stampede. If the player jumps onto a tiny animal, it becomes its normal size for a few seconds before becoming tiny again. Tiny animals almost appear invisible when the player rides them, and if the player rides one, more tiny animals appear. This bug has been fixed.



Dying Twice Edit

In Mountains, if the player falls off the cliff and hits a free-standing rock which eagles perch on, the game will register it as the player dying twice. The 5 second countdown will occur twice if the player hasn't used a revive, and will cause revives used to fail. This worked best when the player is riding an eagle.

Space Zoo Mission Reset Edit

This was one of the most annoying bugs. If the player exited the game or exited the Space Zoo, there was a chance of Space Zoo missions resetting, meaning that if the player had completed 2 of the missions and was just required to collect 1 more egg, they would have to do start their missions again, with 3 new missions. This bug has since been fixed.

Inability to Play Edit

In the Space Zoo from version 1.10.0 onwards, the player could sometimes find that labels in the Space Zoo had disappeared and that the "Play" buttons had disappeared, making it impossible to play Olympus. This was fixed in version 1.10.1.

Weird Eagles Edit

This bug happens very rarely, and has no known cause. In Mountains, the player can occasionally see bugged eagles at the cliffs. Some are floating, sometimes there are two eagles on a single rock and if the player gets on a Robin Should, many floating Robin Shoulds can be seen.

Volcanic Rock Edit

Screenshot 20200125-184126

Volcanic rock glitch

This is by far one of the weirdest bugs ever. It is also similar to the negative distance glitch. To make it happen the player must play in Jurassic and reach 1000m, where volcanic rocks are found. If an animal gets hit by a volcanic rock, the player must quickly lasso that animal. After that, the game will freeze for a short time and then the background will change to a tan colour. Then, multiple Jurassic animals will be seen with some parts inside and outside each other, creating a "hybrid". The player can then be seen floating and will disappear after a few seconds. If the player taps the screen, they will die.

Lassoing Edit

In version 1.12.0, there was a bug which occasionally occurred in which when the player lassoed an animal, they would die with the "zoo/retry" screen coming up, however the animal would still run and the player could keep playing in the same run, albeit with the player in the position where they are flat on the ground in a star shape. Furthermore, if a new animal was tamed while this bug was occurring, after taking a picture, the camera would be set behind the player when running in the stampede.

Ground perspective run in Rodeo Stampede

Ground perspective run in Rodeo Stampede

No Turn Edit

Sometimes, for no reason, the player can't steer at all on all animals, excluding penguins.

Can Only Watch Edit

Occasionally, when the player dies, the revive counter, "Retry" and "Zoo" buttons won't appear, but the stampede keeps running. It is possible to see animals that the player has passed, as well as random ones. The music also stops. This glitch often happens before and after an advertisement is watched. If the app is closed and reopened, any animals matched in the previous run will be lost.

Music Disappearance Edit

In some runs, the music plays quietly for a moment, then it stops. When the player lands in the stampede, all that can be heard are animal sounds, fire, lightning, crashing, volcanic rocks, ghosts and background sounds.

Floating Vultures and Eagles Edit

When a rock with a vulture perched atop it is smashed, the vulture and its nest remain as they were while the rock is smashed, meaning the vulture floats. Previously, vultures would fly up in the air when their rock was smashed, however, the nests have always remained in the same spot. This animation was removed at an unknown date.

Eagles, when found perched on a tall rock in the middle of the stampede, can also have their rock smashed and float.

Eating Animal Edit

If the player is riding an animal which can eat other animals, (for example, lions and bears), and they finish eating an animal and crash at the same time, the animal will move an extra metre, then fall asleep, as if it ate the player.

Hyper Light Llama Edit

There is a glitch that sometimes occurs upon the successful taming of any llama, where after the picture has been taken of the llama, the screen will flip to a view where the player is facing the llama, and the game will continue this way. After the player dies, everything will seem normal if they return to the zoo. However, if they press play from the zoo, the player will spawn at the final area of the Hyper Light Llama boss mission, and the screen will show a view from the front point of view. The player can control the animal they are riding until they die. This will continue until the player manually changes maps.

Eagle of Freedom Edit

Screenshot 20180505-230835

When the player taps on any habitat and clicks on the animal or baby tab before any animals come out, the "Eagle of freedom" will be shown, more specifically, right after loading the app. The description is identical to that of the Cape Buffalo, and its baby attributes are as follows:

  • +1% animal run speed
  • +1% better ice handling
  • +3% lasso size and stuff which is hard to get into a small amount of text (passive)

The Eagle of Freedom could be:

  • A filler in the event of the player clicking on the tabs too early
  • An Easter egg
  • An unused piece of code from a planned Eagle of Freedom that was not included in the latest update, and has been expressed accidentally

New Animals Not Appearing Edit

In version 1.16.0 on the 10th of May, three new Garden animal species were released, only to not appear in the game.

Glitch Mission Edit


Although this glitch occurs quite rarely, it can be very annoying. When the player crashes in a Space Zoo zone, sometimes glitch missions occur. It is unknown whether any other glitch missions exist, apart from the ones pictured on the right. The missions may be data for an upcoming, unused zone or unused data from a current zone, as the only evident cacti in the game are on the Mesa Moose.

Pillbug Invincibility Edit

Occasionally, when the player tries to smash a pillbug, there is a small chance that they will crash. This is most often observed when the player tries to do this using a beetle. This has been fixed in the past but has resurfaced.

Beetle Crash Glitch (Rodeo Stampede)

Beetle Crash Glitch (Rodeo Stampede)

Animal Fusion Edit

This bug happens randomly. Sometimes, when the player is riding any animal, the animal will appear as a fusion of the base animal of the species and the animal that the player is riding. The fusion does not move and the player is unable to progress while riding it.

Animals Appearing in Wrong Areas Edit

During the 2017 Chinese New Year Event, animals were appearing in areas that they weren't supposed to appear in. For example, rhinos appeared in Jungle 2. This was fixed when the event ended.

Butterfly Infinite Distance Edit

On a butterfly, the player was able to ride for an unlimited distance. This could be achieved by starting on a butterfly, waiting for it to get angry and swooping to the side off the cliff before it gets to ground level. The butterfly would fly level with the ground, meaning that it would not fall. This allowed players to set extremely high scores.

Pegasuses could also achieve the same effect when they flew up and landed, however, they would die as soon as they became angry.

If the player went too close to the wall of the stampede, they would snap back to the middle of the stampede and continue their run normally. The player could also use this bug to see that streams running across Jurassic would continue for a while outside the wall, floating in space. The butterfly would be slowed down by these steams.

For a period of time, this was fixed, however, the bug has since returned.

Butterfly Infinite Distance Exploit

Butterfly Infinite Distance Exploit

Invisible Matches Edit

This glitch happens randomly. Sometimes, the player will encounter an immobile match symbol with nothing underneath it. When the player tries to jump on the invisible animal, it will act as though nothing is there.

Event Boss Glitch Edit

The Spring Boss Battle could be exploited to enter Space Zoo zones without requiring any energy (Energy). To do this, the player had to enter either the Metalsaurolophus (Jurassic), Dark Pegasus (Olympus), Grassknotter (Garden) or Little Yellow Chicken (Great Wall) missions, with 0Energy. Then, the player could pause or crash, so that a menu with the option "Return to Jurassic/Olympus/Garden/Great Wall" (depending on the mission) could be tapped. From there, the player would enter the Space Zoo zone and be able to play without any Energy.

In the Fourth Anniversary Event, the player could still do this, by using up all their energy in the Space Zoo zone they wanted to play in, before returning to the Space Zoo. From there, they could enter any event boss mission and hit "Return to (zone)". The zone would always be the last zone they visited.

Out-of-Bounds Glitch Edit

Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 10.53.46 AM

When traveling on an angry ostrich while pushing into the left or right sidewall, after 15000m, The player may glitch into the sidewall and onto the other side of the wall, where they would be able to run infinitely.

The glitch ends when the player either jumps or pushes back into the sidewall, and back into the stampede. The glitch can only be performed on the Poki version.

Half Charge Glitch Edit

Half charge

A charging right moose after entering the river

When the player enters any spot with water (river, swamp, pond) on a charging moose, the charging animation will be halved. This is only a visual glitch and will not affect gameplay.

Buffalo Charge Bugs Edit

Buffalo random charge

A buffalo randomly charging due to the glitch

Buffalo have been bugged in many recent updates (as of version 1.27). Occasionally, when the player jumps on an upgraded buffalo, the charge streaks do not disappear after it stops charging. After this, the player would find wild buffalo with charge streaks around their fronts in the stampede. When a buffalo with existing charge streaks was ridden, the charge animation would play on top of the other charge animation until it wore off. Then, the existing charge animation would keep playing, even to the point where, if the player dies and the "charging" buffalo passed them, they would still see the animation. Existing charge streaks do not alter a buffalo's speed at all.

Zoo Transfer Program Model Overlay Edit


When you tap the Zoo Transfer Program button, and the Lucky Wheel shows up, the endangered animals are still visible. The animals will go back to normal when you exit out of the Lucky Wheel.

Vaulting Animal Stuck Edit


A picture of a Drop Bear stuck in its vaulting position

This glitch happens randomly. After a drop bear or gorilla jumps, the Drop Bear might be stuck in its jumping position. The player can still ride on it, and it will go back to normal when the player either gets eaten, thrown off or jumps off.

Spinning Wombat Dig Marks Edit

If a player rides on a angry wombat and falls of a cliff, the dig marks will be spinning slowly.

Wombat spinning dirt bug

Wombat spinning dirt bug

Zoomed Out Boss Missions Edit

In the Fourth Anniversary Event, if the player's last zone visited was Jurassic, any event boss mission they played was also zoomed out. This made it somewhat easier for some missions, as the player could see further ahead. This is because Jurassic itself is slightly zoomed out to account for the massive size of many of the species.

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