The 2016 Halloween Event is a limited time event in the game that occurred from the 20th of October to the 4th of November 2016.

Savannah Halloween

Savannah during the Halloween event

About Edit

The event, being the first event ever in Rodeo Stampede, did not feature any drastic changes in gameplay. However, music (stampede and zoo), zoo appearance (sky changed to night, rain added), crate appearance and mechanisms and the appearance and lighting of islands and obstacles changed to be Halloween themed. Crates, which changed in appearance to smiley pumpkin cubes, were the only change in gameplay, with approximately half of all crates that the player smashes being 'treats', where the amount of coins is doubled, and the other half being 'tricks', with green smoke rising from the smashed crate and obscuring the player's view temporarily. The crate's appearance, which switched from a smiley pumpkin cube to a skull, did not affect the result.

What was new about the event was the introduction of four 'spooky' new regular animals, which were released for Halloween but are permanent and can be befriended at all times.

Animals Edit

Animal Species Unlocked Distance Found XP Given
Ostwitch Ostrich Savannah 2 > 1300m 14
Slimenoceros Rhino Jungle 3 > 1300m 10
Ghoast Goat Mountains 1 > 1300m 12
Wombatman Wombat Outback 2 > 1300m 12

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  • The Halloween Event received some backlash over how the lighting, particularly in Savannah, was too dark and difficult to play in.