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Hat count

Hats are varieties in the hat or costume which the player can wear, released in version 1.2.0. They are unlocked when the player earns certain amounts of mastery XP (see below for more information), or when bought from the shop in most limited time events. There are 3 classes of hats, which can be distinguished from each other by the colour of the hat's name. Excluding those from limited time events, all hats can be unlocked if the player is at the 'master' rank for all animals. The full list of hats can be seen below.

Mastery XP

Mastery XP is what is required to unlock hats, and has significance in the game in how it determines rarity of animals. Rarer animals earn more XP, meaning that XP is a good indicator into finding the rarity of animals. There are 4 levels of animal mastery:

Mastery Level XP Needed from Previous Level (Total Needed)
Novice 0
Wrangler 25 (25)
Champion 150 (175)
Master 600 (775)

In order to get hats, rare animals (essentially all animals excluding base animals, which give no XP), must be ridden to accumulate enough points to level up and receive a new hat. When the player jumps on a rare animal, a small blue hat symbol will appear, indicating that they earned some XP. If the player has already reached the "Master" rank, this symbol will no longer appear.


More information about individual events here.
Events are also a chance to get new hats, with each event releasing new hats, as well as giving the player an opportunity to get old hats that they previously missed. The current event format is the presence of a limited time shop, where the player can earn limited currency through certain means to save up and purchase items, such as hats, in the shop.

Hat Class

There is no rarity as such for hats as there is no chance of receiving the same hat twice, so, instead, hats are grouped into classes, marked by different coloured text. White text represents common hats which tend to be fairly normal, such as the Cowboy Hat and Top Hat, green text represents a novelty hat, such as the Pizza and Screw Head, and the blue text represents a costume, where there is not just the addition of a hat but also the clothes that the player wears, such as the Yeti and Medusa. The chance of getting a costume compared to the chance of getting a common hat is the same, as is the case when compared to a novelty hat.


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Cowboy Hat Confetti Party Hat Sailor Hat Turban Beret Headphones Leaf Hat Black Trilby Top Hat Brunette With A Curl Baseball Cap Pigtails Hard Hat Pony Tail Blue Boater
Tam O Shanter Giddy Up Striped Party Hat Blonde Hair White Trilby Fez Street Style Visor Sombrero Kefiyeh Cool Fringe Bandana Satgat Book Hat Red Fascinator Red Boater
Long Brown Hair Blonde Bun Business Hair Afro Nerd Hair Librarian Hair Head Scarf Slouchy Head Band Top Bun Serious Business Sideburns Side Fringe Goggles Opera Mask
Laurel Crown Shuttershades Hairband Blue Fringe Dreads Crown Braid Moustache Swimming Goggles Leonidas Beard Bob Cut Mohawk Aviators 3D Glasses Backwards Cap Eyepatch
Space Princess Double Red Buns Young Sapling Paper Bag Chinese Top Knot Safety Visor Goatee Undercut Imperial Moustache Browline Glasses Striped Headband High-tech Visor
Santa Hat Cai Shen Hat Ming Court Hat Pea Dragon Cupcake the Clown Patches the Clown Mr. Crab Shark Boy Christmas Wreath
Hat Image Release Event
Cowboy Hat Cowboy Hat.png None

Princess Propeller Cap Cupcake Flower Bud Marching Band Hat Coonskin Cap Ushanka Chef Hat Rastacap Mortarboard Feather Headband Pizza Screw Head Leprechaun Hat Alien Beanie
Spiked Helmet Steampunk Princess Helmet Traffic Cone Safari Hat Pirate Hat Soda Hat Watermelon Topknot Mandarin Hat Jellyfish Pilgrim's Hat Caramel High Top Mushroom Bearskin
Blindfold Welding Mask Motorcycle Helmet Police Hat Surgical Mask Sherlock's Cap Winter Hat Scarf Bobby Helmet Judge's Wig Aviator's Cap Night Cap Baseball Helmet Morion Paper Hat
Skiing Beanie Tudor Bonnet Bike Helmet Bowler Hat Mountie Hat Elaborate Disguise Chopper Pilot Helmet Virtual Reality Headset Antennae Cooking Pot Butterfly Mask Oni Mask Mantis Mask Wolf Head Rainbow
Birthday Cake Luchador Mask Qing Court Hat Dumpling Unicorn Mask Olympic Cyclist Red Clown Nose
Mrs. Claus Santa Cai Shen Suit Auspicious Man Corgi Husky Panda (hat) Plain Jake Plain Jane Sunflower Fast Foodie
Hat Image Release Event
Princess Princess.png None

Devil Horns Bicorne Halo Elf Hat Sultan's Turban Crown Fish Chinese General's Helmet Musketeer's Hat Harlequin Hat Wizard's Hat Knight's Helmet Spartan Helmet Chicken Looty Knight
Robin Hood's Hat Viking Helmet Plague Doctor Mask Fantasy Princess Feather Headdress Bunny Ears Samurai Cork Hat Firefighter's Helmet Astronaut Helmet Centurion Helm Yeti Explorer Hat Gridiron Helmet Cowboy
Z Mummy Hazmat Suit Scientist Cleopatra Diving Suit Posh Lady Dino Onesie Zeus Athena Argonaut Hercules Icarus Medusa Ninja
Pirate Captain Ant Costume Bee Costume Bee Keeper Firefly Costume Butterfly Costume Fairy Geisha Hungry Caterpillar Pterodactyl Onesie Tang Sanzang Costume Zhu Bajie Costume Legend of Hua Mulan Terracotta Soldier Beijing Opera Outfit
Lotus Dress Onigiri Chinese Dragon Mask Banana Suit Spa Time Tiger Onesie
Easter Bunny Ears Snowman Penguin Suit Reindeer Suit Dragon (hat) New Year's Rooster Koi Suit Tiger Suit The Buffalo Golden Baboon Giraffe Onesie Dan's Hat Featherweight Costume Hotdog Suit Scuba Gear
Skater Sorcerer Frankenstein Werewolf Scrooge Present Head Gingerbread Man Rhubarb dog Xiang Yu Monkey King (hat) Little Prince Little Princess Bride Human Comet Skiing Gear
Dracula Jack-O'-Lantern Cthulhu Candy Cane Suit Christmas Pudding Polar Bear Onesie Pig Failed Decorator Krampus Year of the Rat Hot Pot Ceramics Prince of Darkness Poseidon Cupid
Space Explorer Eleguard Crystal Nobles Rex Knight Binary Brain Faunter Mine Owner Treasure Hunter ClouBolt Vizier Mecha Red Mecha Violet Mecha Aqua Elephanival's Supporter Speedy Punch
Punchy Punch Rhino Warrior B Rhino Warrior A Carnival Performer Nightman Umbra Scythe Vampire Expert Champion Fighter Sharpshooter Acute Spotter Witch Girl Great Wizard Mr. Auspice General Cardinal Immortal of Ice
Showman Show Queen Hello Doctor Angel in white Quick Learner Student President
Hat Image Release Event
Devil Horns Devil Horns.png None

XP Farming

Giraffe Sticker.png
Note: The following contains information regarding non-standard gameplay, or potential cheating methods. Please disregard if you would like to play legitimately.

XP farming is a method to get mastery XP quickly with most animals involving intentionally crashing and reviving.


  • Start the run with the animal that gives the highest XP.
With Revive Raven
  • Jump onto any other animal and immediately crash into something.
    • Best method for this is to let go of the animal just before hitting the wall, so the player only hits, ensuring a quick death.
  • Revive and start playing again when the starting animal can be seen running ahead of the screen.
  • Jump back onto that original animal and get full mastery XP value for it.
Without Revive Raven
  • Ride past 1000m; otherwise, the player cannot revive if they die.
  • Jump onto any other animal and immediately crash into something.
    • Best method for this is to let go of the animal just before hitting the wall, so the player only hits, ensuring a quick death.
  • Revive and start playing again when the starting animal can be seen running ahead of the screen.
  • Jump back onto that original animal and get full mastery XP value for it.


  • Animals that fly cannot have XP farmed in this way, due to each of them flying upwards when the player dismounts.
    • The player can farm butterfly XP due to butterflies beginning as caterpillars, however it only works with a Revive Raven.
  • Chinese dragons similarly cannot have XP farmed due to flying up to the sky when the player dismounts.
  • Alligators and kirins cannot have XP farmed due to staying still when the player dismounts, as opposed to moving slowly forward.


The player can use this trick while riding the Lucky Lamb (or Mission Mule? please verify). It does not show the player's mastery XP progress, but the same level up screen will appear when a new mastery level is reached.

Warning: this method will introduce a bug where the player will eventually not be able to 100% complete a zone (up to 3 zones). This is because whenever you max out your last 3 animals, there will be no hats left to give; they were already taken by the Lucky Lamb. Even though the Global progress will reach 100%, the individual zone progress will be stuck at 99%.