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Jurassic is the sixth zone released in Rodeo Stampede, released in version 1.8.0 on the 18th of May. It is the first zone in the Space Zoo, and features habitat upgrades and stages unlocked by completing missions, as well as energy (Energy). Along with the Space Zoo, Jurassic is unlocked when the player reaches Jungle 3 in Sky Zoo. It can also be purchased prior to reaching Jungle 3 with real money in the Shop. Jurassic's individual features include eggs to collect, volcanic rocks which fall with a glowing area beneath before landing, and streams running across the map. Jurassic also has cliffs on either side, but has smooth walls which make it less likely to die upon impact. Jurassic begins green, before changing to a blue theme from 1000m to 2000m, where it becomes red.

For specifics on each part in Jurassic, see the table below.

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Tips and Strategies Edit

Raptors and pterodactyls make good starting animals as they are capable of speed, carrying the player a long distance. After around 2000m, triceratops are very effective as they can smash obstacles for a short period of time and do not reduce the player's lasso size. Stegosauruses, ankylosauruses and parasaurolophuses are not recommended for either not having many positive abilities that greatly affect the player, disallowing the player to remain on one for a long time or being hard to control and use. Brontosauruses are very useful once they can smash rocks, but the player must be wary of the possibility of tyrannosaurus rexes running up from behind and eating the player while the brontosaurus slings its neck back. Tyrannosaurus rexes are literally indestructible, making them fun to use and a guaranteed distance carrier, even though it may not be a long distance.

Click here for Jurassic secret animals.

Animals Edit

Animal Unlocked Distance Found Total Number
Parasaurolophus Jurassic 1 > 0m 8
Raptor Jurassic 1 > 0m 8
Triceratops Jurassic 1 > 1000m 8
Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic 2 > 0m 8
Brontosaurus Jurassic 3 > 0m 8
Ankylosaurus Jurassic 4 > 0m 8
Pterodactyl Jurassic 5 > 0m 8
Stegosaurus Jurassic 6 > 1000m 9
Dimetrodon Jurassic 7 > 1000m 8

Notes Edit

  • Jurassic was released in version 1.8.0 on the 18th of May 2017, along with the first seven Jurassic species.
  • Jurassic has the most animal species out of any zone, with nine.
  • Jurassic has the most areas out of any zone, with seven.
  • Jurassic has more animals which only appear after 1000m than any other zone, with three. It is also the only Space Zoo zone with any at all.

Gallery Edit

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