Limited time events are events in game which alter the gameplay or look of the game for a limited time only. These events require updating the app. Event animals can only be tamed from limited time events. So far, there have been fourteen limited time events. Most of these events involve collecting a limited currency and spending that currency on hats and animals from a limited, themed shop. Missed animals and hats can be obtained at a later anniversary event or the same event in the next year.

Events Edit

Chinese New Year Edit

Around January/February

Children's Day Edit

Around late May/Early June (however an event has only occurred once for Children's Day)

Anniversary Edit

Around June 22

Halloween Edit

Late October to early November

Winter Holiday Edit

December to January

Notes Edit

  • Changing the device date and time can allow the player to access past limited time events remaining in the game's code, however, this is not recommended as it is cheating.
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