The Mission Mule is the second epic animal. Like all other epic animals, it can only be obtained through in-app purchase or as a part of the Legendary Lion Subscription.

Appearance Edit

The Mission Mule has a brown coat of fur with a white underside and a white tinge at the bottom of its four legs above the hoof. It also has dark brown hooves and a black tail. What makes it unique is that it wears a khaki green army-style helmet and a khaki green saddle with two distinct pockets on each side, as well as a large double-ended megaphone sitting on top of a black radio box.

Description Edit

This military workhorse will keep you on a mission.

Ability Edit

The Mission Mule grants the player unlimited missions, immediately making it so the player has three missions to complete. Once the player completes a mission, it will immediately be replaced by another one.

Behaviour Edit

  • When ridden: The Mission Mule moves steadily, identically to zebra.
  • When angry: The Mission Mule, identically to zebras, bucks at a three short hop, one long hop pattern.

Trivia Edit

  • The description is a reference to its ability, in which the player is constantly given unlimited missions from the Mission Mule.
  • The name, like all other epic animals, incorporates alliteration.

Notes Edit

  • The Mission Mule was released in version 1.2.0, on the 8th of September 2016.
  • The Mission Mule was reclassified as an epic animal after update 1.4.0 on the 14th of December 2016, reclassified from a zebra to an animal of the epic species.
    • This can be proved by riding one in Savannah to begin with and riding seven different animal species in a row including a zebra, with the Trojan Zebra appearing.
  • The Mission Mule could be obtained for free during the Zebra Challenge.
  • At an unknown date, the sound for the Mission Mule changed.
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