Obstacles, or traps are mechanics in Rodeo Stampede. They appear in every world. They come in 2 types: Trap animals, and obstacles.

Trap Animals Edit

Trap animals are animals that try to inhibit the player on purpose. Aside from walruses, they are all eating animals. They appear in every zone apart from Savannah, Mountains, Olympus and Great Wall. There are 3 types: waiters, suprisers and chasers.

Animal Zone Type
Alligator Jungle Waiter
Drop Bear Outback Waiter
Walrus Tundra Supriser
Tyrannosaurus Rex Jurassic Chaser
Spider Garden Chaser

Obstacles Edit

Obstacles or traps are more common. They take on the form of something that appears in the way.

Obstacle Appears
Tree All
Rock All
Shrub All
Wall All
Central Rock All except Mountains
Cliff All except Savannah and Jungle
Water Savannah, Jungle, Outback, Jurassic and Olympus
Burning Tree/Shrub Outback
Outhouse Outback
Windmill Outback
Ice Tundra
Volcanic Rock Jurassic
Lightning Olympus
Web Garden
Arrows Great Wall
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