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Note: This article is about the individual animal called the Ostrich. For information about the animal species Ostrich, please click here.
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Ostrich
Class Base
Zone Savannah
Unlocked Savannah 2
Tier Tier 1
Distance Found > 0m
XP Given 0
Breeding Time 1hr

The Ostrich is the first ostrich available to the player.

Appearance Edit

The Ostrich looks like a regular ostrich, with a grey body and grey wings, a small white tail, long pink legs with two toes on each foot, a long pink neck and a small pink head with large eyes.

Description Edit

Ostriches only have one response to all their problems... Running.

Requirements Edit

Baby Ostrich Edit

Baby Ostrich
  • Ridden animals are 8% faster

Trivia Edit

  • The description is a reference to its in-game attributes, in which when it gets angry it will run faster infinitely in an attempt to throw the player off.
    • It is also a play on the saying 'running from all your problems'.
  • The Baby Ostrich's ability references the Ostrich's high speed.

Notes Edit

  • The Ostrich was released in the original release, version 1.0.0, on the 22nd of June 2016, along with Savannah and all other original Savannah animals, Jungle and all original Jungle animals, and the Sky Zoo.
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