Reviving is an action that can continue when the player crashes. It allows players to continue the run from where they died, which gives them a chance to get a new high score or find more animals/matches.

It is not possible to revive before 1000m, unless the player has purchased a Revive Raven in the store, or if they are currently taming or mating an animal.

Methods of Revival Edit

The player can currently revive in one of three ways:

Method 1: Spending Zoo Coin (amount required depends on the player's game progress, see below)

Ad Button

The button to revive using an advertisement.

Method 2: Watching an advertisement

Method 3: If the player has purchased a Revive Raven, they can revive for free once every run, even if they crash before 1000m.

Cost of Revive Edit

The cost of reviving is likely determined by a base price, which increases as the player goes to higher Sky Zoo areas, plus a price determined by the amount of animals the player has tamed.

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