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Epic & VIP Edit

Animal Image Icon Baby Sequence No.
Cash Cow Cash Cow Cash Cow Icon N/A 00001
Mission Mule Mission Mule Mission Mule Icon N/A 00002
Revive Raven Revive Raven Revive Raven Icon N/A 00003
Lucky Lamb Lucky Lamb Lucky Lamb Icon N/A 00004
Legendary Lion Legendary Lion Legendary Lion Icon N/A 00005

Animal Image Icon Baby Sequence No.
Eleplant Eleplant Eleplant Icon N/A 00011
Carboarn Crystal Carboarn Crystal Carboarn Crystal Icon N/A 00012
Skeleton Rex Skeleton Rex Skeleton Rex Icon N/A 00013
Yakintosh Yakintosh Yakintosh Icon N/A 00014
Faunted Faunted Faunted Icon N/A 00015
Drillbat Drillbat Drillbat Icon N/A 00016
Firebug Firebug Firebug Icon N/A 00017
Storm Clowld Storm Clowld Storm Clowld Icon N/A 00018
Hierogryphon Hierogryphon Hierogryphon Icon N/A 00019
Mecha Panda Mecha Panda Mecha Panda Icon N/A 00020
Mecha Crane Mecha Crane Mecha Crane Icon N/A 00021
Mecha Pangolin Mecha Pangolin Mecha Pangolin Icon N/A 00022

Sky Zoo Edit

Animal Image Icon Baby Sequence No.
Cape Buffalo Cape Buffalo Cape Buffalo Icon Baby Cape Buffalo 00101
Forest Buffalo Forest Buffalo Forest Buffalo Icon Baby Forest Buffalo 00102
Water Buffalo Water Buffalo Water Buffalo Icon Baby Water Buffalo 00103
Bison Bison Bison Icon Baby Bison 00104
Kerfuffle'o Kerfuffle'o Kerfuffle'o Icon Baby Kerfuffle'o 00105
Diabuffalo Diabuffalo Diabuffalo Icon Baby Diabuffalo 00106
Bufferrari Bufferrari Bufferrari Icon Baby Bufferrari 00107
Buff the Magic Dragon Buff the Magic Dragon Buff the Magic Dragon Icon Baby Buff the Magic Dragon 00108
BuffaloBQ BuffaloBQ BuffaloBQ Icon Baby BuffaloBQ 00109
Pumpkinfalo Pumpkinfalo Pumpkinfalo Icon Baby Pumpkinfalo 00110
Zebra Zebra Zebra Icon Baby Zebra 00201
Brazeb Brazeb Brazeb Icon Baby Brazeb 00202
Candicorn Candicorn Candicorn Icon Baby Candicorn 00203
Punky Zeb Punky Zeb Punky Zeb Icon Baby Punky Zeb 00204
Elektro Zebra Elektro Zebra Elektro Zebra Icon Baby Elektro Zebra 00205
Trojan Zebra Trojan Zebra Trojan Zebra Icon Baby Trojan Zebra 00206
Legend of Zebra Legend of Zebra Legend of Zebra Icon Baby Legend of Zebra 00207
Zegasus Zegasus Zegasus Icon Baby Zegasus 00208
Kirin Kirin Kirin Icon Baby Kirin 00209
Merry-go-round Merry-go-round Merry-go-round Icon Baby Merry-go-round 00210
Z-Lightning Z-Lightning Z-Lightning Icon Baby Z-Lightning 00211
African Elephant African Elephant African Elephant Icon Baby African Elephant 00301
Mammoth Mammoth Mammoth Icon Baby Mammoth 00302
Earl of Phant Earl of Phant Earl of Phant Icon Baby Earl of Phant 00303
Psychedelephant Psychedelephant Psychedelephant Icon Baby Psychedelephant 00304
Tootyphant Tootyphant Tootyphant Icon Baby Tootyphant 00305
Skelephant Skelephant Skelephant Icon Baby Skelephant 00306
Fire Hydrophant Fire Hydrophant Fire Hydrophant Icon Baby Fire Hydrophant 00307
Jellephant Jellephant Jellephant Icon Baby Jellephant 00308
Blessing Elephant Blessing Elephant Blessing Elephant Icon Baby Blessing Elephant 00309
Santa's Big Helper Santa's Big Helper Santa's Big Helper Icon Baby Santa's Big Helper 00310
Ostrich Ostrich Ostrich Icon Baby Ostrich 00401
Celebirdy Celebirdy Celebirdy Icon Baby Celebirdy 00402
Glam Rockstrich Glam Rockstrich Glam Rockstrich Icon Baby Glam Rockstrich 00403
Ostri Chevalier Ostri Chevalier Ostri Chevalier Icon Baby Ostri Chevalier 00404
Ostrich of Hearts Ostrich of Hearts Ostrich of Hearts Icon Baby Ostrich of Hearts 00405
Bosstrich Bosstrich Bosstrich Icon Baby Bosstrich 00406
Mosstrich Mosstrich Mosstrich Icon Baby Mosstrich 00407
Ostwitch Ostwitch Ostwitch Icon Baby Ostwitch 00408
Kungfu Ostrich Kungfu Ostrich Kungfu Ostrich Icon Baby Kungfu Ostrich 00409
Holiday Ostrich Holiday Ostrich Holiday Ostrich Icon Baby Holiday Ostrich 00410
Giraffe Giraffe Giraffe Icon Baby Giraffe 00501
Girafferty Girafferty Girafferty Icon Baby Girafferty 00502
Taco Jirafa Taco Jirafa Taco Jirafa Icon Baby Taco Jirafa 00503
Highballer Highballer Highballer Icon Baby Highballer 00504
Giraxxus Giraxxus Giraxxus Icon Baby Giraxxus 00505
UFG UFG UFG Icon Baby UFG 00506
Giraffatar Giraffatar Giraffatar Icon Baby Giraffatar 00507
World's Tallest Sheep World's Tallest Sheep World's Tallest Sheep Icon Baby World's Tallest Sheep 00508
Giraffemas Tree Giraffemas Tree Giraffemas Tree Icon Baby Giraffemas Tree 00509
Dream Chaser Dream Chaser Dream Chaser Icon Baby Dream Chaser 00510
Vulture Vulture Vulture Icon Baby Vulture 00601
Egyptian Vulture Egyptian Vulture Egyptian Vulture Icon Baby Egyptian Vulture 00602
Viva Las Vulture Viva Las Vulture Viva Las Vulture Icon Baby Viva Las Vulture 00603
Vulture Capitalist Vulture Capitalist Vulture Capitalist Icon Baby Vulture Capitalist 00604
Pop Vulture Pop Vulture Pop Vulture Icon Baby Pop Vulture 00605
Vulture-on Vulture-on Vulture-on Icon Baby Vulture-on 00606
Dracorian Dracorian Dracorian Icon Baby Dracorian 00607
Volture Volture Volture Icon Baby Volture 00608
Scarecrow Scarecrow Scarecrow Icon Baby Scarecrow 00609
Lion Lion Lion Icon Baby Lion 00701
Dande Lion Dande Lion Dande Lion Icon Baby Dande Lion 00702
Sabretooth Lion Sabretooth Lion Sabretooth Lion Icon Baby Sabretooth Lion 00703
Gryphon Gryphon Gryphon Icon Baby Gryphon 00704
Cryin' Lion Cryin' Lion Cryin' Lion Icon Baby Cryin' Lion 00705
Le' Ion Chef Le' Ion Chef Le' Ion Chef Icon Baby Le' Ion Chef 00706
Maasai Lion Maasai Lion Maasai Lion Icon Baby Maasai Lion 00707
Nian Monster Nian Monster Nian Monster Icon Baby Nian Monster 00708
Sea Lion Sea Lion Sea Lion Icon Baby Sea Lion 00709
Fire Lion Fire Lion Fire Lion Icon Baby Fire Lion 00710

Animal Image Icon Baby Sequence No.
Wild Boar Wild Boar Wild Boar Icon Baby Wild Boar 01101
Indian Boar Indian Boar Indian Boar Icon Baby Indian Boar 01102
Boaring Boaring Boaring Icon Baby Boaring 01103
Borc Borc Borc Icon Baby Borc 01104
Beautiful Boar Beautiful Boar Beautiful Boar Icon Baby Beautiful Boar 01105
Hog Rider Hog Rider Hog Rider Icon Baby Hog Rider 01106
Wild Snore Wild Snore Wild Snore Icon Baby Wild Snore 01107
BoarBQ BoarBQ BoarBQ Icon Baby BoarBQ 01108
Frankenswine Frankenswine Frankenswine Icon Baby Frankenswine 01109
Boaring Flame Boaring Flame Boaring Flame Icon Baby Boaring Flame 01110
Western Gorilla Western Gorilla Western Gorilla Icon Baby Western Gorilla 01201
Mountain Gorilla Mountain Gorilla Mountain Gorilla Icon Baby Mountain Gorilla 01202
Quarterback Gorilla Quarterback Gorilla Quarterback Gorilla Icon Baby Quarterback Gorilla 01203
Guerilla Guerilla Guerilla Icon Baby Guerilla 01204
Lawrilla Lawrilla Lawrilla Icon Baby Lawrilla 01205
Volcanorilla Volcanorilla Volcanorilla Icon Baby Volcanorilla 01206
Thorilla Thorilla Thorilla Icon Baby Thorilla 01207
Gorill-uck Gorill-uck Gorill-uck Icon Baby Gorill-uck 01208
Marylin Monrilla Marylin Monrilla Marylin Monrilla Icon Baby Marylin Monrilla 01209
Alligator Alligator Alligator Icon Baby Alligator 01301
Frogator Frogator Frogator Icon Baby Frogator 01302
Snorkadile Snorkadile Snorkadile Icon Baby Snorkadile 01303
Bunny Gator Bunny Gator Bunny Gator Icon Baby Bunny Gator 01304
Bridezilla Bridezilla Bridezilla Icon Baby Bridezilla 01305
Cockadoodile Cockadoodile Cockadoodile Icon Baby Cockadoodile 01306
Crookodile Crookodile Crookodile Icon Baby Crookodile 01307
Termigator Termigator Termigator Icon Baby Termigator 01308
Investi-Gator Investi-Gator Investi-Gator Icon Baby Investi-Gator 01309
Hippo Hippo Hippo Icon Baby Hippo 01401
Pygmy Hippo Pygmy Hippo Pygmy Hippo Icon Baby Pygmy Hippo 01402
Ballerina Hippo Ballerina Hippo Ballerina Hippo Icon Baby Ballerina Hippo 01403
Hip Hop Hippo Hip Hop Hippo Hip Hop Hippo Icon Baby Hip Hop Hippo 01404
Hippiepotamus Hippiepotamus Hippiepotamus Icon Baby Hippiepotamus 01405
Platypotamus Platypotamus Platypotamus Icon Baby Platypotamus 01406
Taweret Taweret Taweret Icon Baby Taweret 01407
Sabretooth Hippo Sabretooth Hippo Sabretooth Hippo Icon Baby Sabretooth Hippo 01408
Bumper Car Hippo Bumper Car Hippo Bumper Car Hippo Icon Baby Bumper Car Hippo 01409
Rhino Rhino Rhino Icon Baby Rhino 01501
Hawaiino Hawaiino Hawaiino Icon Baby Hawaiino 01502
Apple Pieno Apple Pieno Apple Pieno Icon Baby Apple Pieno 01503
Feline'o Feline'o Feline'o Icon Baby Feline'o 01504
Skynoceros Skynoceros Skynoceros Icon Baby Skynoceros 01505
Dhinoceros Dhinoceros Dhinoceros Icon Baby Dhinoceros 01506
Marcel Rhineau Marcel Rhineau Marcel Rhineau Icon Baby Marcel Rhineau 01507
Slimenoceros Slimenoceros Slimenoceros Icon Baby Slimenoceros 01508
Rhino Warrior Rhino Warrior Rhino Warrior Icon Baby Rhino Warrior 01509
Tiger Tiger Tiger Icon Baby Tiger 01601
Liger Liger Liger Icon Baby Liger 01602
Crouching Tiger Crouching Tiger Crouching Tiger Icon Baby Crouching Tiger 01603
White Tiger White Tiger White Tiger Icon Baby White Tiger 01604
H.R. Tiger H.R. Tiger H.R. Tiger Icon Baby H.R. Tiger 01605
Tiger Lily Tiger Lily Tiger Lily Icon Baby Tiger Lily 01606
Pink Panthera Pink Panthera Pink Panthera Icon Baby Pink Panthera 01607
Tigermoth Tigermoth Tigermoth Icon Baby Tigermoth 01608
Santa Claws Santa Claws Santa Claws Icon Baby Santa Claws 01609
Toucan Toucan Toucan Icon Baby Toucan 01701
Hornbill Hornbill Hornbill Icon Baby Hornbill 01702
Bluecan Bluecan Bluecan Icon Baby Bluecan 01703
Moocan Moocan Moocan Icon Baby Moocan 01704
Brewcan Brewcan Brewcan Icon Baby Brewcan 01705
Threecan Threecan Threecan Icon Baby Threecan 01706
Kazoocan Kazoocan Kazoocan Icon Baby Kazoocan 01707
Bazookan Bazookan Bazookan Icon Baby Bazookan 01708

Animal Image Icon Baby Sequence No.
Merino Sheep Merino Sheep Merino Sheep Icon Baby Merino Sheep 03101
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Icon Baby Sheep in Wolf's Clothing 03102
Candylamb Candylamb Candylamb Icon Baby Candylamb 03103
Lady Baabaa Lady Baabaa Lady Baabaa Icon Baby Lady Baabaa 03104
Little Bo Sheep Little Bo Sheep Little Bo Sheep Icon Baby Little Bo Sheep 03105
Conan the Baabaarian Conan the Baabaarian Conan the Baabaarian Icon Baby Conan the Baabaarian 03106
Lamburgerini Lamburgerini Lamburgerini Icon Baby Lamburgerini 03107
Lambembert Cheese Lambembert Cheese Lambembert Cheese Icon Baby Lambembert Cheese 03108
Lantern Sheep Lantern Sheep Lantern Sheep Icon Baby Lantern Sheep 03109
Red Kangaroo Red Kangaroo Red Kangaroo Icon Baby Red Kangaroo 03201
Kickboxeroo Kickboxeroo Kickboxeroo Icon Baby Kickboxeroo 03202
Ranger Roo Ranger Roo Ranger Roo Icon Baby Ranger Roo 03203
Kangollipop Kangollipop Kangollipop Icon Baby Kangollipop 03204
Skibby Dippy Doo Skibby Dippy Doo Skibby Dippy Doo Icon Baby Skibby Dippy Doo 03205
Kan Guru Kan Guru Kan Guru Icon Baby Kan Guru 03206
Kangapoodle Kangapoodle Kangapoodle Icon Baby Kangapoodle 03207
Mongol Roo Mongol Roo Mongol Roo Icon Baby Mongol Roo 03208
Drop Bear Drop Bear Drop Bear Icon Baby Drop Bear 03301
Dropbear Dundee Dropbear Dundee Dropbear Dundee Icon Baby Dropbear Dundee 03302
Drop Bikie Drop Bikie Drop Bikie Icon Baby Drop Bikie 03303
Pennywise the Koala Pennywise the Koala Pennywise the Koala Icon Baby Pennywise the Koala 03304
Rustle Ko Rustle Ko Rustle Ko Icon Baby Rustle Ko 03305
Bunyip Bunyip Bunyip Icon Baby Bunyip 03306
The Hon. Lady Dropbear The Hon. Lady Dropbear The Hon. Lady Dropbear Icon Baby The Hon. Lady Dropbear 03307
Professor Dropbear Professor Dropbear Professor Dropbear Icon Baby Professor Dropbear 03308
Wombat Wombat Wombat Icon Baby Wombat 03401
Combat Wombat Combat Wombat Combat Wombat Icon Baby Combat Wombat 03402
Womcat Womcat Womcat Icon Baby Womcat 03403
Wombaby Wombaby Wombaby Icon Baby Wombaby 03404
Womdrian Womdrian Womdrian Icon Baby Womdrian 03405
Bombat Bombat Bombat Icon Baby Bombat 03406
Wombamelon Wombamelon Wombamelon Icon Baby Wombamelon 03407
Wombatman Wombatman Wombatman Icon Baby Wombatman 03408
Emu Emu Emu Icon Baby Emu 03501
Aviator Emu Aviator Emu Aviator Emu Icon Baby Aviator Emu 03502
Emo Emo Emo Icon Baby Emo 03503
Emusician Emusician Emusician Icon Baby Emusician 03504
Dame Emu Dame Emu Dame Emu Icon Baby Dame Emu 03505
Fiery Phoemu Fiery Phoemu Fiery Phoemu Icon Baby Fiery Phoemu 03506
Tropical Emu Tropical Emu Tropical Emu Icon Baby Tropical Emu 03507
Cock-a-doodle-emu Cock-a-doodle-emu Cock-a-doodle-emu Icon Baby Cock-a-doodle-emu 03508
Camel Camel Camel Icon Baby Camel 03601
Camelflage Camelflage Camelflage Icon Baby Camelflage 03602
Sinbad Camel Sinbad Camel Sinbad Camel Icon Baby Sinbad Camel 03603
Volcamelno Volcamelno Volcamelno Icon Baby Volcamelno 03604
Camelot Camelot Camelot Icon Baby Camelot 03605
Cameleon Cameleon Cameleon Icon Baby Cameleon 03606
Humpback Camel Humpback Camel Humpback Camel Icon Baby Humpback Camel 03607
Mystic Camel Mystic Camel Mystic Camel Icon Baby Mystic Camel 03608
Flying Fox Flying Fox Flying Fox Icon Baby Flying Fox 03701
Flying Box Flying Box Flying Box Icon Baby Flying Box 03702
Flying Foxie Flying Foxie Flying Foxie Icon Baby Flying Foxie 03703
Vampire Bat Vampire Bat Vampire Bat Icon Baby Vampire Bat 03704
Fruit Bat Fruit Bat Fruit Bat Icon Baby Fruit Bat 03705
Spying Fox Spying Fox Spying Fox Icon Baby Spying Fox 03706
Flying Socks Flying Socks Flying Socks Icon Baby Flying Socks 03707
Cute Bat Cute Bat Cute Bat Icon Baby Cute Bat 03708

Animal Image Icon Baby Sequence No.
Penguin Penguin Penguin Icon Baby Penguin 04101
Emperor Penguin Emperor Penguin Emperor Penguin Icon Baby Emperor Penguin 04102
Plague Doctor Penguin Plague Doctor Penguin Plague Doctor Penguin Icon Baby Plague Doctor Penguin 04103
Pilot Penguin Pilot Penguin Pilot Penguin Icon Baby Pilot Penguin 04104
Penghis Khan Penghis Khan Penghis Khan Icon Baby Penghis Khan 04105
Fairy Penguin Fairy Penguin Fairy Penguin Icon Baby Fairy Penguin 04106
Hockey Puckguin Hockey Puckguin Hockey Puckguin Icon Baby Hockey Puckguin 04107
Pengdjinn Pengdjinn Pengdjinn Icon Baby Pengdjinn 04108
Common Seal Common Seal Common Seal Icon Baby Common Seal 04201
Leopard Seal Leopard Seal Leopard Seal Icon Baby Leopard Seal 04202
Banana Peal Banana Peal Banana Peal Icon Baby Banana Peal 04203
Security Seal Security Seal Security Seal Icon Baby Security Seal 04204
Harp Seal Harp Seal Harp Seal Icon Baby Harp Seal 04205
Navy Seal Navy Seal Navy Seal Icon Baby Navy Seal 04206
Eskimo Seal Eskimo Seal Eskimo Seal Icon Baby Eskimo Seal 04207
Seal of Fortune Seal of Fortune Seal of Fortune Icon Baby Seal of Fortune 04208
Salted Fish Salted Fish Salted Fish Icon Baby Salted Fish 04209
Walrus Walrus Walrus Icon Baby Walrus 04301
Sea Cow Sea Cow Sea Cow Icon Baby Sea Cow 04302
Lawless Walrus Lawless Walrus Lawless Walrus Icon Baby Lawless Walrus 04303
Warrus Warrus Warrus Icon Baby Warrus 04304
Walrus Viking Walrus Viking Walrus Viking Icon Baby Walrus Viking 04305
Sabre Tooth Walrus Sabre Tooth Walrus Sabre Tooth Walrus Icon Baby Sabre Tooth Walrus 04306
Belle of the Ballrus Belle of the Ballrus Belle of the Ballrus Icon Baby Belle of the Ballrus 04307
Wealthy Walrus Wealthy Walrus Wealthy Walrus Icon Baby Wealthy Walrus 04308
Arctic Hare Arctic Hare Arctic Hare Icon Baby Arctic Hare 04401
Anne Bunny Anne Bunny Anne Bunny Icon Baby Anne Bunny 04402
Chocolate Bunny Chocolate Bunny Chocolate Bunny Icon Baby Chocolate Bunny 04403
Gunny Gunny Gunny Icon Baby Gunny 04404
Grass Hopper Grass Hopper Grass Hopper Icon Baby Grass Hopper 04405
Snow Bunny Snow Bunny Snow Bunny Icon Baby Snow Bunny 04406
Funny Bunny Funny Bunny Funny Bunny Icon Baby Funny Bunny 04407
Crabbit Crabbit Crabbit Icon Baby Crabbit 04408
Opera Bunny Opera Bunny Opera Bunny Icon Baby Opera Bunny 04409
Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Icon Baby Snowy Owl 04501
Horned Owl Horned Owl Horned Owl Icon Baby Horned Owl 04502
Prowler Prowler Prowler Icon Baby Prowler 04503
Barn Owl Barn Owl Barn Owl Icon Baby Barn Owl 04504
Robin Hoot Robin Hoot Robin Hoot Icon Baby Robin Hoot 04505
Owlgebra Owlgebra Owlgebra Icon Baby Owlgebra 04506
Whooodunnit Whooodunnit Whooodunnit Icon Baby Whooodunnit 04507
Knight Owl Knight Owl Knight Owl Icon Baby Knight Owl 04508
White Fox White Fox White Fox Icon Baby White Fox 04601
Faux News Faux News Faux News Icon Baby Faux News 04602
El Zorro El Zorro El Zorro Icon Baby El Zorro 04603
Kitsune Kitsune Kitsune Icon Baby Kitsune 04604
Goldifox Goldifox Goldifox Icon Baby Goldifox 04605
Clockwork Fox Clockwork Fox Clockwork Fox Icon Baby Clockwork Fox 04606
Jukefox Jukefox Jukefox Icon Baby Jukefox 04607
Sunset Twinkle Sunset Twinkle Sunset Twinkle Icon Baby Sunset Twinkle 04608
Polar Bear Polar Bear Polar Bear Icon Baby Polar Bear 04701
Strawbeary Strawbeary Strawbeary Icon Baby Strawbeary 04702
Polo Bear Polo Bear Polo Bear Icon Baby Polo Bear 04703
Solar Bear Solar Bear