This page is for people wishing to help out add images. Images are important on the wiki as it improves the appearance and style of the wiki, as well as provides people with a visual of what the wiki is talking about. Here are the guidelines.

Note: Please save all images with the licensing of "I created this myself". This ensures that our images are protected against copyright.

Animal Images Edit

Snapshot Icon

The snapshot button

To take these, ride the animal you want to take a picture of, and take a photo by pausing and tapping the snapshot button.

  • The original screenshot MUST be a png (.png) file.
    • Most devices take png screenshots by default, however, some Android devices take jpg by default.
    • To fix this, see here.

There are several requirements for animal images, to ensure that images are high quality and maintain the same style.


Sample image

  • Must be a PNG (.png) file.
  • Must be wearing the Cowboy Hat (the one you get when you start).
  • Must be cropped to square.
  • Must be taken in the island which the animal is from, before 1000m.
  • Must be taken with the respective baby animal sidekicked (Cape Buffalo image requires Baby Cape Buffalo sidekicked).
    • If the animal does not have a baby animal (like epic and VIP animals), or you do not have the baby yet, you can take the picture with no baby instead.
      • To do this, you need a Revive Raven to revive before 1000m.
      • Start on the animal you want to take a photo of.
      • Jump off as far as you can and die.
      • Revive, and you'll be sent backward behind the baby.
      • When you start again, take a picture using the snap button.
  • Must be taken from about a 30 to 60 degree angle from the right side, no completely, front on or left side views.
    • This is because the light always comes from the right side.

Baby Images Edit

Baby Glasshopper

Sample image

Many baby animal images are missing, which need to be added. To take an image of a baby animal:

  • First ensure your default screenshot file format is png
    • Otherwise the image will come out grainy and unclear
    • To do this, check here
  • When it has finished breeding, a screen with "Baby (Animal Name)", with that baby animal hopping around like mad will appear
  • Take several screenshots when the animal is as close to the bottom of the screen as possible
  • On iOS, compare each image with the next one by sliding the bottom bar and send the best one to me at, or on Discord
  • CollectorManiac, Nickarmstrong84 or ARandomCitizen will then crop and remove the background of the photo and upload it onto the wiki

Video on the instructions written above here:

How to take baby animal original

How to take baby animal original

Animal Icons Edit

Vlambeer Icon

Sample image

  • If you would like to help with these, send an email to or message on Discord and you will be added to the Dropbox which has the animal icons images.
  • When editing these, crop any part of the white or green background out, but be sure to notice anything missing (e.g. the missing features of the Ostwitch). Ask CollectorManiac about these if you need help.

Hats Edit

Leaf Hat

Sample Image

  • If you would like to help with these, send an email to, or message on Discord and you will be added to the Dropbox which has the hat images.
  • If taking the image yourself: make sure to take it when the player is facing forwards, with hands by side. Again, make sure the screenshot you take is a png.
  • Use pixel-by-pixel editor for this to ensure precision.
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