The SU-24 Bearoplane is the sixth bear in the stampede. Like other secret animals, it requires the player to complete a secret mission to discover.

Appearance Edit

The SU-24 Bearoplane has a body coloured identically to the Brown Bear, although most of its body isn’t visible, as it is covered by a pilot's helmet and clothes. The pilot's helmet is an orangish red colour with holes for its ears and a black visor. Across its face is a black bushy moustache replicating that of Joseph Stalin's. Its body is covered by a light khaki green coat that has aeroplane wings attached. Each wing has an end coloured similarly to its body, with a fin on top, a star in the same colour as its helmet, placed at the centre of the wing, imitating that of the communist regime of the Soviet Union, and similarly coloured rocket boosters hanging from them. The rocket boosters have long jet trails streaming from each. Its body also has a tailfin which has a single red stripe running down the centre of it.

Description Edit

A top-secret Soviet bear, capable of snacking multiple targets while snoozing at the speed of sound.

Requirements Edit

  • Sky Zoo upgraded to Mountains 4 or greater.
  • Travel on a single eagle for 2000m without crashing in Mountains.
    • If the player dies, a continue/revive means that the player must restart the 2000m.

Note: Due to it being a secret animal, it will appear every time the player completes the above requirements.

Baby SU-24 Bearoplane Edit

Baby SU-24 Bearoplane
  • Lasso starts 7% larger
  • Eating animals is 7% more effective
  • Flying animals swoop 7% slower

Trivia Edit

  • The SU-24 Bearoplane is a play on the Soviet Union developed supersonic attack aircraft Sukhoi Su-24.
    • The large moustache is a reference to the moustache of Joseph Stalin, a Soviet military leader.
    • The description is a reference to this as well, and includes humour in referencing a bear's behaviour.
  • The Baby SU-24 Bearoplane's abilities all boosting attributes by 7% is a reference to the former Soviet Union international telephone code of +7.
    • The Baby SU-24 Bearoplane's ability where flying animals swoop 7% slower references the SU-24 Bearoplane playing on a type of plane.

Notes Edit

  • The SU-24 Bearoplane was released in version 1.1.0 on the 26th of July 2016 along with Mountains and all other Mountains species
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