The Shop is where the player can make in-app purchases using real money, including the purchase of epic animals and Space Zoo zones.

Discounts and Special Offers Edit

Discounts and special offers are available from time to time. There can be a discount or a special offer, such as a coin and epic animal bundle deal, on anything from time to time, excluding energy (Energy).

Items Available Edit

* Note: Price varies between countries and between different players' zoo ticket price, hence it is not listed below. Zoo coin (Zoo Coin) amounts also vary based on the player's zoo ticket price.

Epic Animals Edit

Coin Packs (Zoo Coin) Edit

  • Luxury Tour
  • Executive Tour
  • Celebrity Tour

Space Zoo Zones Edit

Energy Packs (Energy) Edit

* Note: These do not require real money to purchase, and can be purchased with Zoo Coin. The amount of Zoo Coin are directly proportional with the amount of tamed animals in Space Zoo.

  • Small Energy Pack (250Energy)
  • Medium Energy Pack (550Energy)
  • Large Energy Pack (1200Energy)

Gallery Edit

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