Sky Zoo

The Sky Zoo is the hub for all animals from Savannah, Jungle, Mountains, Outback and Tundra. It features an airship powered by propellers in a blue sky with clouds, and houses 36 habitats, as well as the breeding pen and parks. At the entrance, to the left is the shop and to the right is the epic habitat. The Sky Zoo's appearance changes every time a new area is unlocked, most noticeably from the front of the ship when the player is shot down to the stampede via a cannon. When there are visitors, Zoo Coin can be found which give a small cash bonus. All Sky Zoo zones are based on real life environments with real life base animals.

Mechanics Edit

Sky Zoo Button

The button to return to the Sky Zoo from the Space Zoo

The Sky Zoo is free to play in, but requires Zoo Coin to upgrade the ship, its habitats, and to explore new areas and zones.

Zones Edit

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Sky Zoo

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Sky Zoo
Savannah Jungle Mountains Outback Tundra
Space Zoo
Jurassic Olympus Garden Great Wall
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