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The Space Zoo was released in version 1.8.0 on the 18th of May 2017. It can be unlocked when the player upgrades their Sky Zoo to Jungle 3, or when any Space Zoo zone is unlocked through a purchase with real money in the Shop. It is the hub for all Jurassic, Olympus, Garden and Great Wall animals. The Space Zoo is a rocket ship with an open top, powered by several rocket boosters at the entrance of the zoo, set in space. Its appearance changes slightly after each ship upgrade to explore new areas and zones. At the entrance to the left is an energy (Energy) generator. When entering the stampede, the player is fired through a purple portal, suggesting the travel to a new dimension or time period. When there are visitors, Zoo Coin can be found which give a small cash bonus. Overall, the Space Zoo has a futuristic look, with fences for habitats and the entrance gate being made of blue lasers.

Space Zoo Cannon

Mechanics Edit

Space Zoo Button

The button to travel to the Space Zoo from the Sky Zoo

Space Zoo zones require energy (Energy) to play, a system where each run costs a certain amount of Energy which is decreased as some Space Zoo animal habitats are upgraded. Energy is lost as time, as opposed to distance, elapses. The only ways to increase the player's Energy amount is by opening the zoo for business, where 100Energy (200 if an advertisement is watched) is earned, or by spending Zoo Coin to purchase Energy. At most the player can hold up to 1200Energy, but if it is purchased with Zoo Coin, the player can hold as much as they want.

To upgrade Space Zoo habitats, the player must complete three missions of that zone to be able to upgrade a habitat. For example, if the player wants to upgrade their griffin habitat, they would have to complete 3 Olympus missions, and hope that out of the 3 habitat upgrades provided by random, that one of them is a griffin habitat upgrade.

The player must do the same to unlock new areas, except they can only upgrade the ship every 3 mission sets of 3, or every 9 missions.

Once the player unlocks and fully upgrades all habitats in that zone, they will receive one final mission set. If it is completed, nothing happens, and after that, no more mission sets will appear for that zone. The player does not need to finish this final mission set as it serves no purpose and would be deemed a waste of Energy.

Zones Edit

Note: All Space Zoo zones can be purchased with real money in the Shop before reaching the areas below.

Soundtrack Edit

Space Zoo

Notes Edit

  • Up until version 1.18.0 on the 21st of June 2018, Energy was bugged in that if the player paused in a Space Zoo zone for a long time, forgetting about the run, before returning several hours later, they would lose a lot of energy, despite not actually playing or running in the stampede. Players would also lose energy when taking a photo of their newly-tamed animal.
  • For a limited time, from the 5th to the 7th of September 2018, Jurassic, Olympus, and Garden maps were available for purchase with real money in the shop.
    • Space Zoo zone purchases have since become permanent.

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