Butterflies are the eighth species of animal available in the Garden, and the twenty-fifth in the Space Zoo. There are 8 different types of butterfly. Like all Space Zoo animals, more butterflies are unlocked progressively as the player upgrades the butterfly habitat. They can be unlocked when the player upgrades their ship to Garden 6.

Butterflies Edit

Animal Class Level Unlocked Distance Found XP Given
Butterfly Base Level 0 > 0m 0
Monarch Butterfly Regular Level 2 > 400m 1
Ulysses Butterfly Regular Level 0 > 800m 3
Moth Tiger Regular Level 5 > 1200m 5
Butterfry Regular Level 2 > 1200m 8
Shutterfly Secret Level 0 > 0m 12
Nomadic Butterfly Regular Level 5 > 1600m 20
Mothra Regular Level 9 > 1600m 30

Behaviour Edit

  • Wild: Butterflies begin as caterpillars, crawling around in the stampede at an extremely slow pace.
  • When ridden: Caterpillars crawl along in the stampede at a fairly quick rate.
  • When angry: Caterpillars stall for a very short period of time, before instantaneously transforming into a butterfly and zooming up into the air. Butterflies then fly down to the ground and continue their flight along the ground. Unlike pterodactyls, butterflies become a running-type animal when angry, without any little swoops off the ground. This means that they are affected by webs and water.
  • In habitat: Butterflies wave their antennae about, and will occasionally twitch their folded wings and appear to scratch their face.
    • Selected in habitat: Butterflies jump up and flutter in the air for a short time.

Caterpillars Edit


The caterpillar that every butterfly begins as before getting angry

Unlike all other animals, butterflies are unique in that they begin as a completely different animal altogether. In the stampede, the player can find green caterpillars (shown right) inching around on the ground. The player can jump on one, and it will transform into a butterfly when angry. However, the player cannot tell which butterfly the catepillar will transform into, and can only distinguish them by the "New" or "Match" tags appearing above the animal when it is a new or a mating animal.

Tips Edit

Butterflies are difficult to use, and impossible to distinguish at first glance, with all butterflies beginning as the same green caterpillar. Butterflies have the weaknesses of their aerial ability being limited to a short time and having a wide wingspan, making it difficult to squeeze through tight spaces. They also behave like a ground-level running animals, triggering webs and falling immediately off cliffs. Due to each butterfly beginning as the same green caterpillar, the player will find it difficult to make XP. The player has no option but to jump on every caterpillar they see, especially when they are past 1600m where all butterflies can be found, if they are attempting to generate XP. Otherwise, the player can use the hat cheat to get XP for the butterfly hats faster, but only if they have a Revive Raven.

Habitat Upgrades Edit

  • Level 1 - 2x more butterflies in the stampede
  • Level 2 - Add two new rare butterflies to the stampede (Monarch Butterfly, Butterfry)
  • Level 3 - Butterflies spend longer in the air before coming down
  • Level 4 - Jump further from butterflies
  • Level 5 - Add two new rare butterflies to the stampede (Moth Tiger, Nomadic Butterfly)
  • Level 6 - Get bonus coins when travelling on top speed on butterflies
  • Level 7 - Energy drains 10% slower in the Garden
  • Level 8 - 2x more rare butterflies in the stampede
  • Level 9 - Add a new rare Butterfly to the stampede (Mothra)

Notes Edit

  • Butterflies were released in version 1.16.0 on the 8th of May 2018 on Android and the 10th of May 2018 on iOS along with beetles and centipedes.
    • On iOS, butterflies were bugged, not appearing in the stampede up until version 1.16.1.

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