Camels are the twenty-seventh species of animal available in the Sky Zoo, and the sixth in Outback. There are 8 different types of camel. Camels can be found beyond 1000m. They are available from Outback 4 onward, excluding the Cameleon, which can be found from Outback 5.

Camels Edit

Animal Class Level Unlocked Distance Found XP Given
Camel Base Level 0 > 1000m 0
Camelflage Regular Level 0 > 1200m 1
Sinbad Camel Regular Level 0 > 1600m 4
Volcamelno Regular Level 0 > 1800m 12
Camelot Regular Level 0 > 2200m 25
Cameleon Secret Level 0 > 1000m 15
Humpback Camel Level 9 Level 9 > 1800m 12
Mystic Camel Endangered Level 0 > 1800m 25

Behaviour Edit

  • Wild: Camels slowly lumber down the stampede.
  • When ridden: Camels increase speed and can stumble from small wrecks.
  • When angry: Like llamas, giraffes and brontosauruses, camels lurch their neck back and sling the player forward.

Tips Edit

Camels feel majorly underpowered in comparison to giraffes, due to lacking the same time that giraffes have before getting angry, the same lasso size and the ability to smash trees. However, they are steady, are easy to tame, and provide a decent safety option in Outback, especially due to their fire resistance.

Habitat Upgrades Edit

  • Level 1 - 2x more camels in the stampede
  • Level 2 - Riding through water increases the time before camels get angry
  • Level 3 - Camels can stumble and recover from minor crashes
  • Level 4 - Gain 50% more ticket money from camels
  • Level 5 - Jumping from a camel temporarily increases lasso size by 20%
  • Level 6 - Jump further from camels
  • Level 7 - Get bonus coins for longer jumps from camels
  • Level 8 - 2x more rare camels in the stampede
  • Level 9 - Add a new rare Camel to the stampede (Humpback Camel)

Notes Edit

  • Camels were released in version 1.3.0 on the 13th of October 2016 along with Outback and all other Outback species.

Gallery Edit

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