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Please consider this:

  • Sky Zoo: 7 animals, 5 areas
  • Space Zoo: 8 animals, 6 areas

* Note: Please DO NOT copy other people's ideas from other sources without crediting them, or replace any current ideas.

* ALSO: Please NO MORE Ocean/Beach ideas, there is a collective one that you can edit below. CollectorManiac (talk) 11:42, December 1, 2017 (UTC)

Notes Edit



After a second vote, it was decided by a clear majority of 10 to 1 that a flying animal is required. The flying animal that was voted is the Macaw, with the Aye-Aye being voted to be dropped in return.

Final Animals Votes
Aye-Aye 10
Tortoise 9
Fossa 9
Lemur 8
Crab 7
Dodo 7
Iguana 7
Macaw 6
Didn't Make the Cut Votes
Frigatebird 6
Sea Lion 5
Cormorant 3
Finch 1

Islands Edit

Islands is a weird map. Based on the Galápagos Islands and the island Madagascar, the map is based on a coastline, with shallow water similar to pools in Jungle. Sections of sand, rocky shores and stampede areas with a large abundance in trees should be present. More mechanics will be sorted once animals are decided.

Reminder of Animal Abilities Edit

  • Iguana (Runs fast with good agility. Can run up walls. When angry, it jumps up very high every 1.5 seconds, if the player is on a wall and it jumps, the player dies. Swims in water.)
  • Tortoise (Slow animal smasher, bucks the player off when angry after a certain very long amount of time, requires a very long time to tame)
  • Sea Lion (similar to seals, except they can swim in water)
  • Cormorant (flightless birds, can dive in water sections, showing its back and back of head only when underwater. Needs water to stay happy)
  • Frigatebird (clumsy, start running on the ground but if enough shrubs are smashed they can fly; get angry if not enough bushes are smashed and fall over, knocking the player off)
  • Finch (fliers, start perched in trees, swoop in long waves instead of short swoops)
  • Crab (Pop out of sand/ground just before player, like walruses jump out of cliff. Walk forwards but facing sideways, begins very agile but like penguins, lose agility when angry, eventually losing all steering altogether.)
  • Dodo (Moose behavior/ostrich behaviour)
  • Macaw (Flyer when angry flies side to side)
  • Fossa (Eats animals, can be upgraded to eat all animals. Can vault over trees and pounce like drop bears, although they do not lock onto a nearby animal, rather simply pouncing when landing and eating anything just ahead when landed. Takes a short time to get angry.)
  • Lemur (Found sitting in trees or running on the ground, very common, when ridden vault trees like gorillas but do not smash.)
  • Aye-Aye (Found sitting in trees only, once it jumps down from the tree the player can ride it until it becomes angry, where it runs up to the nearest tree, climbs it and sleeps, with the player falling off its back.)

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Outer Space Edit

Outer Space! Come'on, Yodo1 games! We have a space zoo already, so go all the way! Legend of Zebra Icon _aitchFactor 12:01, December 1, 2017 (UTC)

Beach (Sky Zoo) Edit

* I have collected all the Beach/Ocean ideas and formed them into a group. Later when the next zone is announced, I will set up a poll. This can be added to by different users.

Mechanics Edit

The beach would have sand, with the ocean (deep water that is different to pools of water), being home to some animals. Land animals drown in deep water almost immediately, as if they are slowly falling off a cliff in the Mountains. The player, on the other hand will just get thrown off. Sea animals, on the other hand, move normally in water and hop around awkwardly on land, slowing down, similarly to seals in behaviour. When on land for more than 5 seconds, they get angry (angry mechanism 1), throwing the player off/eating the player. Air animals always fly safely above water, unless angry. Shallow light blue water links the sandy shore to the deep blue water, where alligators, hydras, turtles and hippos' abilities apply. All other animals move through these sections like they do through rivers and patches of water in other zones.

Animals Edit

There are plenty of options here, have fun choosing when the time comes!

  • Sea Lions
    • Looks very similar to seals, just more majestic and with a more prominent shape.
    • Swims in water. On land it just walks slowly
    • Appears most of the time on land standing there doing absolutely nothing, but it appears on water sometimes doing absolutely nothing again.
    • When angry it bucks and in the ocean it swims up and down.
  • Gulls
    • Medium fliers, appear flying in the sky above land in wild. swoop up and down when angry.
  • Sharks
    • On land: Flop up and down like seals, with the flopping becoming slower and slower, up until 5 seconds where they become angry, and eat the player. Still able to eat animals, however this does not effect how long the player can ride sharks on land. Can be upgraded to eat anything.
    • In shallow water: Flop up and down like seals, still being able to eat animals. Get angry when it does not eat enough animals. Can be upgraded to eat anything.
    • In deep water: Fast smasher, with good agility, like a tyrannosaurus rex in water. Get angry when it does not eat enough animals. Can be upgraded to eat anything.
  • Whales
    • Massive, similar size to brontosauruses
    • Slow but can be ridden for a very long time, takes a very long time to tame
    • Can initially only smash trees, can be upgraded to smash rocks when in deep water.
    • On land: Flops up and down slowly and heavily for 5 seconds, before getting angry and throwing the player. Can smash trees and animals, cannot smash rocks.
    • In shallow water: Flops up and down slowly and heavily, gets angry after very long period of time where throws the the player. Can smash rocks after upgrade, can smash trees and animals.
    • In deep water: Swims slowly but steadily, taking a very long time to get angry. Can be upgraded to smash rocks, can smash trees and animals. When angry, blows player off back with blowhole.
  • Dolphins
    • In the wild: Appears in shallow water. Swims normally when ridden, when angry, goes crazy and jumps out of the water. When on land, it hops around uncontrollably and hops even higher when angry. 
  • Lionfish
    • Poisonous, and can poison small animals.Instantly kills player with poison when angry. On land it hops around but with very small hops. when angry on land, the poison works a bit different. It stays for a while on the player like fire, before killing the player.
  • Jellyfish
    • Works essentialy same as lionfish, but when on land, it tries to slither around and is very slow.
  • Swordfish
    • Swims extremely fast, and can smash small animals, goes even faster when angry. On land, it takes medium hops and when angry, it jumps higher and faster.
  • Hammerheads
    • Like the shark, but is like tigers and is unable to eat some animals.
  • Boxfish
    • Normal fish. Alternate for all normal fishes.
  • Crabs (only applies when new zone is announced, as it is part of the Islands idea so far) If its makes it in the ocean though,
    • Can be seen walking sideways on ocean and land. when ridden, it goes straight. ** When angry it bucks very high on land. In the ocean, the bucks are lower gravity. An upgrade can make it vault over obstacles when not angry.
  • Lobsters
    • Works like moose. Both on land and water, but it jumps every 5 seconds when angry like hind.
  • Tuna
    • Normal fish that does not really do anything. When angry it swoops and on land it takes higher hops. and it does hop on land
  • Mudskippers
    • They appear inside mud piles on land and appear swimming in water. Works good on both land and water. When angry it jumps high. In water it just gets uncontrollable like penguins.
  • Mackerels
    • Normal fish, could be an alternate for all normal fish due to having same behaviour.
  • Pufferfish
    • In the wild, it appears unbloated and small. when ridden, bloats up a bit and can poison small animals. When angry, it gets completely bloated and gives you poison overtime. On lands it hops very high and also when it gets angry.
  • Flounders
    • Walks very slowly on ocean floor, when ridden still walks very slowly. When angry speeds up just a bit. Works fine on land.
  • Perches
    • Normal 4th fish. Could be the normal fish.
  • Orca
    • Eats sharks. (yes, in real life orcas do eat sharks) Eats you when angry.
  • Rays
    • A flier, for the ocean! Swoops up and down when angry.
  • Pelicans
    • Good fliers, can be seen perched on rocks on land. Swoops up and down when angry. 
    • Can be upgraded to eat small animals and normal fish.

Epekkamaster (talk) 21:39, December 12, 2017 (UTC)

CollectorManiac (talk) 11:57, December 1, 2017 (UTC)

LadyAnonymous.1912 (talk) 06:37, June 25, 2018 (UTC)

This could also be in an aquarium zoo.

More mechanics are going to be added after the animals are decided when the time comes.

Garden Edit

Area 1: Cat: Can eat mice. Automatically turns if a dog is behind it. Gets faster when angry.

Dog: Can eat cats, Runs very fast, and throws the player off when angry.

Crow: Seen perching on the garden walls, can fly, and swoops up and down when angry.

Area 2: Butterfly: Comes flying out of nowhere, Can destroy small trees,Swoops up and down when angry.

Area 3: Woodpecker: Comes out of a tree, can fly, and swoops up an down when angry.

Area 4: Mouse: Can run fast, Eats cheese pieces in the garden,Starts bucking when angry.

Area 5: Spider: can eat animals, Leaves webs behind as it runs,eats the player when angry.

Area 6: Frog. Can jump fast, Does bigger hops when angry.

Area 7: Rat. Can smash animals. Throws off player with tail when angry. Smashing animals keep rats happy for longer (Upgrade)

Area 8: Pigeon. Can fly. Flys faster when angry. 14:45, December 2, 2017 (UTC)

Taiga Edit

Taiga 1: Caribou. Huge herd animal. Moose behavior

Salmon. River spawner. Water keeps happy. Thrower

Groundhog. Slow. Underground digger

2: Blue Jay. Flyer. Perches on trees and Inukshucks

3: Lynx. Eater. 1000m or higher spawner

4: Lemming. Speedy. Water thrower. Bucker

5: Musk Ox. Smasher. Herd spawner. Thrower

6: Stoat. Speeder

2607:FEA8:2CDF:FC89:AC60:64C:AA4E:88D4 10:17, December 5, 2017 (UTC)

West Forest caberns Edit

Welcome to the next iland or I should say nightmare as were going to tame exotic crypids in the crazienss stampede ever. None of the other animals are scairer then this.This also makes a good idea for a halloween zone. 

New Mechanics and feathers

evergreen trees and rocks are the same as the mountains except for adding small wooden bathrooms and windmills like in the outback as obsticals.

Colour scheme:

0 to 1000m: olive brown.

1000m to 2000m: olive light green.

2000m+: Dark brown.

Options for new animals

Just choose which is your favourite

Jersey devil:behavior like Griffin. abilites eats other animals and flys right away when you ride it.

chupacabra:behavior like lion:It eats other could look like a dog or monstrery creaturey.

Bigfoot/yeti :behavior like Minataur. It smashes tree's and also rocks if you level up.

Mothman/owlman: Behavior like snowy owl: flys and when angry it trys to go up and down while smashing smaller animals.

Werewolf: behavior like bear; it can smash trees and lets it goe faster and eat other animals to make it happier.

Allicanto/Ahool: Behavior is a flyer and eater. angry it only flys with high speed but eat animals

'Bunyip:' Behavior like Alligator, lurks form the water and attacks you reallly quick. When ridden it goes faster on water and eats small animals.

Hodag: Behavior like T rex/ dragon. Comes at  you from the back AND TRIES TO EAT YOU. I also smashes tree's and rocks. Or you can have the same behavior as the dragon which goes on rock's and smash animals and obsticles.

Dover demon: It has a new behavior which camaflauges and also runs fast if angry. 

'Gevandan/Shunka Warakin' : behavior like wolf, angry when running fast. you can also make it an eater

hogzilla: behavior like wild boar.

Jackalope: behavior like bunny.

More coming soon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

River zoneEdit

This is my third new zone/edits idea besides the time locker event,West forst caberns's and Ice age(my own version). Anyway  

  • Geese 
  • Geese are good Fliers they fly their Angry they swoop


Giant Insects Edit

giant insects for the space zoo 18:44, December 6, 2017 (UTC)

*NOTE: What's ridiculous is that this user predicted the latest update, whether intentionally or not. Well done!


10:11, April 2, 2018 (UTC)


Farmland is the new starting world hopefully, because it takes place at the small farm you start in, but at sunset. New mechanics include collectable Apples, giant Fences that certain creatures can jump over/smash, with bigger ones at the side that cannot be jumped over/smashed, and Haystacks that Giraffes, a new animal, Bears, and Polar Bears can smash. Rooster crows can be heard now and then, and Barns and Fields beyond the large fences that serve as walls. Ponds, simalair to pools of water, are also found. It's the only world so far without a smasher.

Farmland 1: Horse. Runs fast and can jump over fences. Can be upgraded to jump over obstacles and slam when landing. When angry jumps up every 1.5 seconds but can be upgraded to jump every 2 seconds. If you hit an obstacle on a jumping horse, you will die.

Cow. Spawns in huge groups and tough to tame at first. Can be upgraded to move towards your lasso, Not reduce it, and push other Cows away (Like Sheep). Also bucks when angry.

Bull. It's a Buffalo, just it moos and dosen't require an upgrade to charge. Can be upgraded to jump fences. Bucks when angry as well.

Farmland 2: Pig. It's an Ankylosaurus, just it's a Pig. Throws you clean off when angry and can be upgraded to survive a crash.

Farmland 3: Donkey. It's a Camel, but can smash Trees and Haystacks. Throws you off when angry and can be upgraded to increase your lasso by 50% (Because it's the first creature like that in the game (If this world/creature is added)!)

Farmland 4: Turkey. Runs fast like an Emu, and is quick to turn.

Farmland 5: Duck. Sits in ponds, and can fly. Longest flying creature angry time.

Don't  like these animals?Edit

Here are some scrapped Farmland creatures that could be used.

Leopard. Can eat animals and only appears after 1000m.

Chicken. Like Turkeys, execpt they lay eggs when wild and collecting them earns coins.

Goose. Waddles slowly, and flys when angry.

Any suggestions for creatures?Edit

Put them here!


Mu Lung Garden ( 武陵桃源/무릉도원/Mureung-dowon/Peach Blossom Spring) Alternatively Mulung ( ) Mulung is a mythical paradise often mentioned in East Asian literature. It is said to appear if you see peach flower petals floating on a creek and follow it up-river. Sometimes its a place where spirits, guardians and gods live, sometimes its a place where people live happily and without worries. Artwork depicting Mulung often seems to portray it to be hidden in mountains.

*Map appearance/system

  • Peach tree with flowers in full bloom
  • Creeks
  • Mist/Small clouds
  • Pale green floor(spring-grassy), gray rocks
    • Turns into white/pale gray stone floor later on.
  • Occasional Asian towers([1])
  • Japanese/Korean pine tree? ([2])
  • Rocky walls or cliffs on one side.
  • Features Asian palaces like how the Olympus zone shows Greek temples on the side of the map.([3])
  • Collectibles: ? (big peaches/some kind of ornament/sculpture/open to ideas)
  • New game system?
    • Waterfalls?
      • Connected to a curving river. Pushes players with its strong current or simply slows them down like normal water.
      • Sometimes has arched bridges, enabling land animals to cross. (water animals can swim under the bridge or smash it if they're too big.)
      • Could introduce Koi.
      • There are intervals where a waterfall would be in the middle of the map, while the land on either side slopes upwards( quick doodle for demonstration): You have to fly over, run on land, or ride a water animal or a lung/eastern dragon(famous for their affinity to water) to swim up the waterfall. Land animals will crash when they collide with waterfalls. This will also introduce slanted grounds.
      • Begins with a waterfall from the side of a wall, and ends by the water falling off a cliff.

Animals Edit

Base animals are bolded, animals marked with asterisks(*) are creatures that really exist in Eastern mythology or in real life. Currently NOT listed in order of appearance.

Lung/Ryong/Eastern Dragon* Edit

As they appeared in the Chinese New Year event, they could either reuse the model or make new ones? If they're remodeled to be look more graceful, I think they could have more swirly motions and a more complex mechanic.

  • When tapped in zoo: Roars.
  • When ridden: Floats slightly off the ground. Smashes everything. Can swim in/up rivers/waterfalls (or float above the river).
  • When angry: Probably throws player off.
  • Base animal colour: Green with red/yellow points.
    • Imperial Dragon: Red and gold theme, possibly with an imperial crown.
    • Celestial Dragon: Sky-blue and white theme, gold&red point colours. Has wings shaped similarly to this dragon's shoulder decoration:
    • All Day Lung: Word play on 'all day long'.
    • Imugi*: A giant snake that trains for 1000 years to become a dragon. Legless, dark colour, hornless snake-like head.

Xiezhi/Haetae/Haitai* Edit

( / ) This was also one of the special animals in the Chinese New Year event. Like the eastern dragon, can have reused models or new ones. Their behaviour in the event seems to be rather simple for a new zone, ideas are appreciated!

  • When tapped in zoo: Jump once with growling/roaring sound.
  • When ridden: Charges with its head down when first ridden, then gallops with small jumps.
  • When angry: Bucks off the player, rears, and stomps the player with its front feet.

Kirin* Edit

( / / )

  • Two-toed hooves, long mane, long tail with a tuft of fur, long tufts of fur at the shoulders/elbows, pair of antlers. Head of a dragon+deer, body of a stag, has blue-green scales on parts of its body and legs. Bigger than Hinds.
  • When tapped in zoo: Rears, sound is something between a dragon and a horse/deer. Similar to one of the griffin sounds, maybe?
  • When ridden: Runs normally, above average speed. When they enter the water, they can jump once on the surface of the water with a visual effect (like Suicune running on water) and not get affected by rivers/puddles. Can be upgraded to jump up to two/three times on water, enabling them to cross most rivers without plunging in the water. (Jumping on water still extinguishes fire.) Another doodle to explain this here
  • When angry: Stops and rears for a short time before kicking off to a quick run with occasional small leaps, skids to a halt after a while and rears again, repeat. Animals coming from behind can run into the kirin while it's rearing, and counts as the player crashing.
    • Lokirin: Parody of Loki from the Marvel movies (or Norse mythology). "Lokirin is burdened with glorious horns. Kneel!"
      • Has the signature Loki horns, black with gold&green points, shoulder armor, and has the scepter at the end of its tail.
    • Ki-Ring: Kirin with ring theme.
    • White Stag(real)*: Often depicted as a sacred animal in mythology. White kirin with stag antlers and without scales, has cloud/mist like swirls surrounding it.
    • Keyrin: Kirin with key theme. Has keys for antlers and tail tip, and lock-shaped decorations.

Sajatal(Lion Mask)* Edit

( / / It's from a mask+costume worn by two people to represent a lion rather than a 'mythical creature', but I thought the looks were fitting.

  • Long body with shaggy white fur, red flattish face with pointed teeth and yellow eyes.
  • Are seen trotting in the map.
  • When tapped in zoo: Lion roar, wiggles head and body sideways.
  • When ridden: Jumps once high and far when they're first ridden, going over high obstacles and able to crash into archways. Smashes everything near them when they land. After the first jump, lopes along with long, low bounds. Upgrades can make them turn in the middle of a jump.
  • When angry: Bucks with high jumps. Harder to steer.

Fenghuang/Bonghwang* Edit

( / / )


Nine-tailed Fox* Edit

( )

  • Slightly bigger and sleeker than Tundra's fox, is white with nine tails, has a round, translucent pale blueish-puple fox bead that floats around its shoulders and neck.
  • Babies don't have the bead and only have five tails.
  • When tapped in zoo: Stands up, spreads out its tails as its head does a small howling motion. Wolf or Fox sound, or maybe something a little more echoing than that.
  • When ridden: Runs. 'Absorbs' small animals in front of it with its fox bead: Does the lunging motion predator animals do except the belly isn't enlarged, the bead and prey animal both glow brightly as the animal disappears like its been eaten. Possibly there could be light particles going from the eaten animal to the bead? Can't eat large animals.
  • When angry: The fox bead glows brightly with a spiritual fire(same colour as bead), and the player starts to burn. The bead glows again every time the fire is put out, causing the fire to burn again. 'Absorbing' animals may slow down the burning slightly, but the flame will burn quicker every time it restarts, eventually burning quickly enough to end the game even if the player is in the water. The speed of the flame is determined by the number of times the player put out the fire, not by how long the player had been burning, encouraging the player to try and extinguish the fire at the last second and return to land instead of going into the river and staying there. Upgrades can make Nine-tailed Foxes happier for longer and make fire burn slower.

The discussions thread for this zone is here: If you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to visit and leave a reply! SkyWolf25 (talk) 12:20, January 30, 2018 (UTC)SkyWolf25

Water Zoo and 2 new zones Edit

We already have a sky and space zoo so why not add a water zoo as well. I can currently think of two zones for this new zoo. The first is the river biome with a variety of different animals. It is a bit like an inverted jungle with water where there is land and vice versa. I'm not sure what the animals would be but one wouldn't be able to go on land and would just hit the land and you would fall off. Most would swim well in water and just slither slowly on land but there could be an amphibious one which does equally well on both. The other zone, the second one - sea, is quite different to all other zones. Rather than you moving in 1d on a 2d map, you would move in 2d on a 3d map which would give you a lot more control.--CygnusBlackI (talk) 10:23, February 13, 2018 (UTC)

Meme Edit

Please add Meme it'll include Grumpy Cat and Fidget Spinner and even Yee.

Prairie Edit

Here are the species in Prairie. •Badger - Can smash ferrets; throws you off when angry •Ferret - Can eat prairie dogs; bucks you when angry •Bobcat - Can eat ferrets and prairie dogs; eats you when angry

Coyote Edit

The Coyote would include: Regular coyote, chocoyote and toyote.

Bobcat Edit

The Bobcat would include: Bobcat, BobBaby, Sobcat, etc.


^I think only one or two animals that can eat most/all of the others is enough; complex food chains are not Rodeo Stampede's thing imo. 

The animals I suggest are:

-Horse(light brown wingless pegasus with a dark, long mane draped over to the side) / subspecies - Sleipnir, Nightmare, Seahorse

 Accelerates and bucks when angry.

-Cougar / subspecies - Leopard, Lynx or Bobcat. 

 Eats other animals.

-Prarie Dog

-Prairie Chicken - subspecies - Turkey, Goose

 Hops around while flapping their wings when angry.

-Hawk or Falcon

 Flying animal.



 Operates like a Fox.

SkyWolf25 (talk) 06:45, March 23, 2018 (UTC)SkyWolf25

Star Wars/Naboo Edit

It think it sound interesting but a zone in space zoo from STAR WARS! I think NABOO will do. HAHAHA.

Animals: Eopie - throws you when angry.

Tauntaun -bucks when angry

Loth-cat - speed when angry

Bantha - the smasher of all things. throws you off when angry.

Varactyl - tree-smasher and smasher of animals except flying animal and bantha. throws you very far like 100m. Reek-the smasher of all things. eats all animals after upgrade.throws you off when angry.

Rancor - can only smash small rocks. throws you off like a gorilla but only about 40-50m

Brezak - the flying animal. bucks like the birds.

Nexu - eat animals even a bantha. eats you when angry of course.

 Thanks you!

Jeremz12 10:41, March 2, 2018

Have an idea for new zone: ATLANTIS including mermaids, tritons, seahorses, crabs, sharks, whales, batoideas (rays as a flying flying animal) etc.In Water Zoo. 16:12, March 16, 2018 (UTC) MaxBlauer

MOON/Alien planet Edit

Animals Vote to eliminate one !

  • Alien
  • Astronaut
  • Rider alien
  • Dog alien
  • Cat alien
  • Huge insect
  • Little alien
  • Mole alien
  • Soldier alien

My version Edit

New Mechanics and gra[hic for game

Caves and bone patches/circles (Summons bloodthirsty Kasi rex , Watch out!).

Gray rocks and dead gray trees (Again, like in undra).

Planet rocks (Collectables).

Colour scheme:

0 to 1000m: biage brown.

1000m to 2000m: Grey.

2000m+: Light blue.

Addtional stuff

Kasi rexon chasess you


There are plenty of options here, have fun choosing when the time comes! They are not in oder by zone.\

  • Unth: (Runs fast with good agility. Can run up walls. When angry,

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<coming soon>>>>>>>

Coral reef Edit

The coral reef would have a gray floor, with the ocean water all around it. The “trees” will be like the coral, the shrubs are like small coral, and the rocks are just rocks, nothing changes, just that the color of the rocks are gray. It is unlocked when you are on mountains 1. Also,it belongs in the water zoo.

Coral 1: Fish :Salmon Common Salmon will do anything to get to their birthplace.

Parrotfish Rare Parrotfish have colorful colors like a parrot.

Cod Rare I think they like cogs.

Clownfish Rare Well, he doesn't know any tricks.

Carpenfish Rare Sorry, coral isn't a good material for building.

Wedfish Lv9 The bride hasn't come for you yet.

Goldenfish Chinese Well, Happy new year! Gold Luck!

Duckfish Boss Quack Quack!

| Abilities:Lv5 will give you a boost.Alarm:Jumps and bucks

Tuna:Tuna Common Tuna avoid computers because they can get caught by the internet.

Tonar Rare This fish uses echolocation like dolphins.

Titunac Rare I sink, and I float.

Tunail Rare This animal is built to take the impact by hammers, but hammers cause it to have dents.

Tunadra Tonadra Rare This tuna is cold-blooded, but if it gets too cold, you will not enjoy being one.

Tuna Guard Lv9 En garde!

Tunarctica Endangered Although it is very cold, and it likes very cold, it has been malting due to the normal temperatures rising that is called global warming.

Red Tuna Chinese Although it is red, this makes it easier for fish to look for their prey.

Abilities:Can eat any animal. Alarm:Eats player;Pufferfish:Pufferfish Common,Poofish Rare,Pelifish Rare,Punfish Rare,Pinfish Rare,Palfish Lv9,Picklefish Endangered,Princefish Boss. Abilities:Heals 5 seconds after you hit an animal and throw you like a catapult.Alarm: Throw you off like a catapult.

Coral 2:Algae :Algae Common,Angie Rare,Algoe Rare,Algai Rare,Eagla Rare,Argae Rare,Antgae Lv9,Richgae Chinese,Endangered Artgae. Abilities:Avoid obstacles like a vulture.Alarm:Goes down and up.

Coral 3:Starfish:Starfish Common,Strockfish Rare,Tarfish,Hifsrats Rare,Starburn Rare,Ninja Starfish Secret(Use a starfish and bump into 20 animals before you jump onto another animal),Symfish Lv9,Luckstar Chinese. Abilities:Once it is upgraded to the max,you can bump anything except walls.Alarm:It throws the player off.

Coral 4:Mackerel:Mackerel Common,Mickeyrel Rare,Mackernel Rare,Manurel Rare,Millerel Rare,Eggerel Secret(Travel on a mackerel for 1000m),Truckerel Lv9,Colerel Endangered.Abilities:Runs faster than other animals.Alarm:It becomes quicker.

Coral 5Jellyfish:Jellyfish Common,Jellybeanfish Rare,PB&Jfish Rare,Jedifish Rare, Super J Rare,Jesterfish Lv9,King Jelly Boss.Abilities:It stings any animal.Alarm:Stings the player.

Garden 2.0 Edit

Garden 1: Spider, Ant, Grasshopper.

Garden 2: Pillbug.

Garden 3: Dragonfly

[IDEAS] Garden 4: Snail. When riding, it goes usually slow. When angry, it dashes very quickly every second.

[IDEAS] Garden 5: Beetle. When lassoed, beetles will jump in the air and smash anything below it. When it is angry, it will throw you off.

[IDEAS] Garden 6: Mantis. Hides behind obstacles, and tries to eat you when close. When riding, going near animals makes the mantis dash towards them and increase happiness. When angry, the Praying Mantis will eat you.

Garden 2.0 rare animals:

Snail: Snail, The Strongest Snail, Whale Snail (BOSS), Sir Snail, Ssssssnail, Cannon Ball Snail (LEVEL 9), Shellphone.

Beetle: Beetle, Hercules Beetle (LEVEL 9), Tweetle Beetle, Dog Beetle, Rhinoceros Beetle, Beatle, Bee-tle, Freetle.

Mantis: Praying Mantis, Swaying Mantis, Firefly (SECRET), Stick Insect, Shoelace Wing (LEVEL 9), Ninja Mantis, Super Mantis, Cat Mantis.

Garden 3.0.Edit

Garden 1 to 3: Ant, Grasshopper, Spider, Pillbug, Dragonfly.

(IDEA) Garden 4: Rat. Smasher of the Garden. Has Fleas around it. When angry, it tosses you off with its tail.

(IDEA) Garden 5: Flea. The jump-over-things animal of Garden. Only appears near Rats. Bumping into a Rat on a Flea allows you to ride the Flea longer. When angry, it throws you off.

(IDEA) Garden 6: Fly. The Pegasus-type critter in Garden. When angry, it jumps up and down, like its Olympus counterpart.

Rat types: Rat, Mouse, Crat, Rattotoulie (SECRET), Plauge Rat, Rat o' the Green (LEVEL 9), Rat Pack, Rat Mat.

Flea types: Flea, The Bee Flea, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Flea (SECRET), Lion Flea, Flee (LEVEL 9, based on the meme "Yee"), Li'l Lice, All-star Flea, Vegan Flea.

Fly types: Fly, Black Fly Fruit Fly, House Fly (BOSS), Flyin' Fish, Flyight Attendant (LEVEL 9), Flyman, Mousqiuto.

Foodland Edit

It is in the space zoo.The ground will be pink,candy cotton pink to be exact.The walls will be candy cotton pink as well.The trees will be broccoli,and the rocks will be oranges.These are the animals,but I haven't thought of the other names,but These are the bases.

Food 1

Apples: Apple Common,Apple Inc Rare,Apple Store Rare,Crapple Rare,Sapple Lv2,Snapple Lv2,Candy Apple Lv9,Worm in an apple Endangered,Cappsule Boss.Abilities:At Lv5,there is a boost.Alarm:Buck like a buffalo.

Cantaloupes: Cantaloupe Common,Can to rope Rare,Melonoupe Rare,Candyloupe Lv2,Clangtaloupe Lv5,Coataloupe Lv9,Santaloupe Christmas,Cantadope Secret (Smash 12 animals before it gets angry.)Abilities:Smash everything except rocks and walls. Alarm:Throw you off.

Donuts: Abilities:Nothing. Just runs.Alarm:Buck like a boar.

Food 2

Corn: Abilities:Jumps like a kangaroo.Alarm:Pops and throw the player off.

Food 3

Egg: Abilities:Doesn't get hot too quick.Alarm:Cracks and boils the player.

Food 4

Raisins: Abilities:Raisins are quick animals.Alarm:Goes even quicker.

Food 5

Watermelon: Abilities:On Lv5, you can smash everything.Alarm:Throw the player on the ground.

‘’’Food 6’’’

Hamburger: Abilities:Follows the riders tail.Behaves like T-Rex.Alarm:Eats the player.

School Edit

The school would have three parts.The first part is in the school with cobwebs as slowdowns,the second in the hallway,and the third is in the out open,in other words,the playground.In the third part,there are also slides and stairs.One of the animals only hides on the place where the place where the stairs and slides meet,there is a square.The trees will be trees,and the rocks are rocks.It is in the space zoo. These are the animals.

School 1:Fleas:,Adventuflea Secret(Jump over the slides and stairs without landing on another animal),Abilities:They can jump.It is one of the five animals that can go on the stairs.Alarm:Jump longer and farther.

Cats:Abilities:Eat animals.Alarm:Eat you.

Dogs:,Bark Boss,Abilities:Chase the player on the back.Behave like a T-Rex.Alarm:Eat you.

School 2:Cockroach:Abilities:Smash cockroaches in front of you.Alarm:Buck like a buffalo.

School 3:Mosquitoes:Abilities:At first they land on rocks.Behave like any other flying animal.It is one of the five animals that can go on the stairs.Alarm:Throw the player off.

School 4:Bees:Abilities:They act like toucans.It is one of the five animals that can go on the stairs.Alarm:If animal or tree up ahead and the bee is in the down position,it can smash them.

School 5:Slug:Abilities:Hides on the square between the stairs and the slides.Slides like a snake.It is one of the five animals that can go on the stairs.Alarm:Becomes harder to move.

School 6:

Da Yu Ling Edit

i went on a trip to some chinese mountain and got enough information for a whole new zone! check it out!!!!

dyl 1 bixie-boar

dyl 1 winged dragon-giraffe\flies shortly

appeares in pools Occasionally

secret dragon winged flagon- jump over mountain and may appear in pool of water

dyl 1 colossal elephant-smasher

dyl 2 xie zhi-eater

dyl 3 Mythical ox-buffalo

dyl 4 nine tailed fox-speed up

dyl 5 three legged soft shelled turtle-giant turtle

dyl 6 dragon horse-flying zebra can fly over cliff for short periods of time

mountain-statue and pool of water


Slimenoceros (talk) 13:18, April 1, 2018 (UTC)

Forest Edit

  • Forest 1: Woodchuck, frog, coyote
  • Forest 2: Mole (goes underground when mad. Like the wombat)
  • Forest 3 woodpecker (acts like all the flying things in the game)

Ya 00:56, April 2, 2018 (UTC)


The desert is a barren wasteland. Cacti and rocks are common obstacles. At the start, the track is yellow, and ponds very rarely appear. At 1000m, the track turns orange, and ponds increase appearance. At 2000m, the track turns grey, and looks like night falled, as well as more ponds.

Desert 1: Meerkat. Very common. When angry, it goes under ground, like Wombats.

Scorpion. A little less common. When ridden it "stings" creatures. When angry, it throws you off with its pincers.

Road runner: Rare. When ridden it eats creatures. When angry, it eats you. Gets faster as time goes on/as it gets closer to getting angry. Only appears beyond 1000m.

Desert 2: Toad. Semicommon. Needs water to stay happy. When angry, it throws you off.

Desert 3: Condor. Rare. Can fly. Swoops already. Can smash small animals if upgraded. When angry, it goes faster.

Desert 4: Porcipine. Semicommon. Can survive one smash if upgraded. When angry, it throws you off. Only appears beyond 1000m.

Desert 5: Secretary Bird. Rare. Can stumble and survive small wrecks if upgraded. When angry, it throws you off. Only appears beyond 1000m.

New Zones in Space ZooEdit

Admin's note: might be better as a Sky Zoo zone, plus, some of these animals have been used in the finalised zone that was forwarded to the developers.


12:30, April 6, 2018 (UTC)


Tropics 1 -

  • Lemur (appears before and after 1000m, found randomly running on ground or sitting in trees, like gorilla vaulting over trees but do not smash).
  • Tenrec (appears after 1000m, rolls like pillbugs after it goes wild)
  • Aye-aye (found sitting in trees only before and after 1000m, once it jumps down from the tree the player can ride it until it becomes angry, where it runs up to the nearest tree, climbs it and sleeps, with the player falling off its back.)

Tropics 2

Tropics 3

  • Dodo (Ostrich behaviour, appears before and after 1000m)

Tropics 4

  • Cuscus (appears before and after 1000m running on ground, but after it goes wild, it sits on player like hippos)

Tropics 5

  • Macaws (fliers, found before and after 1000m, when angry it swoops from high to low like pterodactyls)

Tropics 6

  • Fanaloka (found running after 1000m, eat small animals to keep running forward, after it goes wild, it bumps you)


  • Ring-Tailed Lemur (Base)
  • Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur (LV 0, tier 3)
  • Red-Bellied Lemur (Boss)
  • Creamur (LV 2, tier 3)
  • Dreamur (LV 2, tier 4)
  • Seamur (LV 5, tier 4)
  • Sifaka (LV 5, tier 5)
  • Lemurcury (LV 9)
  • king julien (endangered,based off cartoon carecter)2001:8003:53BC:DB00:48ED:390:E9AD:D7B4 07:32, June 14, 2018 (UTC)(description:I like to move it,move it! i like to...Move it!2001:8003:53BC:DB00:48ED:390:E9AD:D7B4 07:34, June 14, 2018 (UTC)


  • Lowland Streaked Tenrec (Base)
  • Senrec (Senrec is a reference to Sensei and tenrec) (LV 0, tier 3)
  • Svenrec (Svenrec is a reference to Sven (from the Disney film Frozen) and Tenrec) (Secret, run 30 seconds uninterrupted on a single tenrec)
  • Penrec (Penrec is a reference to a pencil and a tenrec), (LV 2, tier 3)
  • Henrec (Henrec is a mix to a hen and a tenrec), (LV 2, tier 4)
  • Councilmenrec (LV 5, tier 4)
  • Supermanrec (LV 5, tier 5)
  • Zenrec (Zenrec is a reference to a Zen symbol and a tenrec) (LV 9)


  • Aye-aye (Base)
  • Cry-aye (LV 0, tier 3)
  • Spy-aye (Boss)
  • Dye-aye (LV 2, tier 3)
  • Fry-aye (LV 2, tier 4)
  • Fruit fly-aye (LV 5, tier 4)
  • Shepherd's pie-aye (LV 5, tier 5)
  • Aye-aye captain (LV 9)


  • Fossa (Base)
  • Floss-a (LV 0, tier 3)
  • Moss-a (Secret, collect 5 bananas)
  • Wizard of Foss (LV 2, tier 3)
  • Bos-a (A reference to the genus Bos and fossa) (LV 2, tier 4)
  • Lawssa (LV 5, tier 4)
  • Gloss-a (LV 5, tier 9)
  • Frost-a (LV 9)


  • Dodo (Base)
  • Judodo (A reference to a Judo and a dodo) (LV 0, tier 3)
  • Playdoldo (Secret, Ride 9 dodos in a single run uninterrupted)
  • Testudodo (LV 2, tier 3)
  • Rodrigues Solitaire (LV 2, tier 4)
  • Dodo Cola (LV 5, tier 4)
  • Prosciudodo Pizza (LV 5, tier 5)
  • Tornadodo (LV 9)


  • Spotted Cuscus (Base)
  • Sulawesi Dwarf Cuscus (LV 0, tier 3)
  • Poohscus (Secret, ride 7 different animal species uninterrupted in a single row similar to how to get Trojan Zebra)
  • Stiped Possum (LV 2, tier 3)
  • Sugar Glider (LV 2, tier 4)
  • Traveller Phalanger (LV 5, tier 4)
  • Fashioner Phalanger (LV 5, tier 5)
  • Phalangavatar (LV 9)


  • Scarlet Macaw (Base)
  • Blue-and-Yellow Macaw (LV 0, tier 3)
  • Red-Fronted Macaw (Boss)
  • Blue-Headed Macaw (LV 2, tier 3)
  • Golden-Collared Macaw (LV 2, tier 4)
  • Blue-Throated Macaw (LV 5, tier 4)
  • Spix's Macaw (LV 5, tier 5)
  • Camelot Macaw (LV 9)


  • Fanaloka (Base)
  • Falanouc (LV 0, tier 3)
  • Binturong (Secret, similar to how to get Stegosawrus, eat 9 animals)
  • Aquatic Genet (LV 2, tier 3)
  • Binturong (LV 2, tier 4)
  • Cusimanse (LV 5, tier 4)
  • Ringtail Mongoose (LV 5, tier 5)
  • Megurine Fanaluka (LV 9)

Deep SeaEdit

The Deep Sea is a Space Zoo zone, with low lights, flashing green lights (Which spawn Anglerfish! Watch out!) and lots of interesting creatures.

Deep Sea 1

  • Hatchetfish (When angry, it becomes harder to swim. Upgrade to gain more control and bump other hatchetfishes out of the way)
  • Viperfish (When angry, it starts hopping very high, as its hops get lower and lower every second. While the hops get lower, it goes faster. Upgrade to turn while hopping.)
  • Anglerfish (Eats lots of animals. Can smash obstacles, but gets slown down when smashing an obstacle. Upgrade to make animal eating more effective and for anglerfish to be less aggressive in the wild. Also eats you when angry, like any normal eating animal.)

Deep Sea 2

  • Giant Isopod (When angry, it starts going faster and faster. Upgrade to go faster less and throw you off when smashing into obstacles)

Deep Sea 3

  • Deepwater Ray (Flying animal, when angry, it goes down to the floor, and starts getting harder to control. Upgrade to control easier and survive smashing into obstacles.)

Deep Sea 4

  • Giant Crab (Vaulting animal, when angry, it launches you afar. Upgrade to survive smashing into animals and throw further.)

Deep Sea 5

  • Beaked Whale (Smashing animal, when angry, it slaps you on its tail, launching you. Upgrade to smash rocks and launch further.)

Deep Sea 6

  • Fangtooth (It needs to go under hydrothermal vents to move quicker. If not near hydrothermal vents, it starts to slow down. When angry, it pushes you off. Upgrade to slow down slower and smash rocks.)

Forest Edit 14:30, April 8, 2018 (UTC) Area 1: Squirrel Skunk Songbird Area 2: Badger Area 3: Deer Area 4: Otter Area 5: Wolverine Area 6: Beaver

Super Mario Edit 14:40, April 8, 2018 (UTC)Super Mario174.102.87.19 14:40, April 8, 2018 (UTC) Area 1: Yoshi Monty Mole: pops out of the ground in an attempt to ground pound you. Sits on player when angry Buzzy Beetle: Alarm: Bucks like crazy Area 2: Koopa Troopa: Found only after 1000 m. Bucks when angry Area 3: Bowser: Can smash animals; throws player with arm when angry. Area: 4: Bunson Hot Dog: Can eat animals alarm: eats player. Area 5: Uproot: Can stretch it’s legs to out of reach areas. Stretches it’s legs higher when angry.

Ice AgeEdit

Travel back in time to the Ice Age! Collect 8 new cool creature types and add chilling bosses to your record! Just don't get Frostbite!

New Mechanics:

Ice patches (Like in Tundra).

Caves and bone patches/circles (Summons bloodthirsty Sabers, Watch out!).

Frozen rocks and trees (Again, like in Tundra).

Skulls (Collectables).

Colour scheme:

0 to 1000m: White.

1000m to 2000m: Grey.

2000m+: Light blue.


Ice Age 1: Ancient Horse (Speeder), Ancient Camel (Tosser), Sabre tooth Tiger (Eater/trap animal).

Ice Age 2: Mammoth (Smasher).

Ice Age 3: Glypodont (More Powerful Ankylosaurus).

Ice Age 4: Elk (Moose behavior).

Ice Age 5: Giant Bat (Flyer/Smasher).

Ice Age 6: Terror Bird (Eater).

Small Habitats: Ancient Horse, Ancient Camel, Glypodont, Elk.

Large Habitat: Sabre tooth Tiger, Mammoth, Giant Bat, Terror Bird.

Ice Age (My Version)Edit

Ice Age 1 - Macrauchenia (speeder), Chalicothere (Tosser), Moeritherium (Hippo behaviour)

Ice Age 2 - Sabertooth Tiger (Eater)

Ice Age 3 - Glyptodont (Ankylosaurus behaviour)

Ice Age 4 - Giant Sloth (Smasher)

Ice Age 5- Teratorn (Flyer/Smasher)

Ice Age 6 - Terror Bird (Eater, Tiger behaviour)


Frozen rocks and trees (same as tundra)

Ice Age (my Version a.k.a the better and fair version)Edit

My ice age will have 8 new animals in 6 ilands/zones. Pretty much the most logic out of the three that tryed to to a better ice age zone. Some of the "New Mechaninc" are from the first usesr with miner edit changes

New Mechanics from the First user:

Ice patches that make the animal go smooth (Like in Tundra).

Caves and bone patches (Summons bloodthirsty Sabers, Watch out!).

Frozen rocks/ice bergs, trees and snow (Again, like in Tundra).

Skulls (Collectables).

Colour scheme:

0 to 1000m: Olive green

1000m to 2000m: Grey.

2000m+: White.

Addtional stuff

Giant avanlanches of snow block  the path

Terror bird(or smilodns: your choice) trys to eat you from the back when riding


Ice age 1:Macrauchenia(bucks when angry and eats shrubs),Moeritherium(behavior like hippo),Megaloceros(behavior like moose)

Ice age 2:),Wooly Mammoth (Smasher).

Ice age 3: Chalicotheres or Megatherium (Smasher and thower)​

Ice age 4: smiledon/saber toothed tiger(eater and maybe a trapper)

Ice age 5: Terror bird of any type (ex Titanis,Phorusrhacos,Gastornis are good picks) (speedster or eater/trap animal)

Ice age 6: teratorn(flyer/smasher)  

Video Games (Gaming Land in upgrading habitats/baby animals).Edit

The Video Game world (Made for fun, not planin' asking for this) Is a colourful land. The walls and Floor ar 8-bit, and cliffs have lava underneath.

New mechanics:

Rocks with Slingshots (Angry Birds spawn here).

Small water patches.

Super Mario pipes as obstacles (Tall green pipes as trees, red ones as rocks).

Colour scheme:

0 to 1000m: Brown

1000m to 2000m: Red.

2000m+: Green.

Video Games 1: Goomba. Can stack on each other. Each Goomba jumped on increases health/duriation of riding. When angry, it throws you off.

Angry Bird. Spawns on slingshot rocks (Not pipes, also not on every slingshot rock). When it reaches a slingshot, it launches itself, allowing you longer time to ride it. When it hits the ground, it smashes anything in it's way. When angry, it throws you off, pounds you to the ground, and sits on you.

Slime. Runs behind you like Tyrannosaurus Rexes. Eats animals. Eats you when angry.

Video Games 2: Sonic the Hedgehog. Is like Pillbugs.

Video Games 3: Pikachu. Runs fast. Sets you on fire every 2 seconds. Eats you when angry. (Add different Pokémon?)--2001:8003:53BC:DB00:C0CB:86BB:287A:2DEC 08:13, June 15, 2018 (UTC) Video Games 4: Gargantuar. Smashes things with its pole. When angry, it throws you off with it's free hand. When it throws you off, it's Imp will jump on, causing the Gargantuar to chase you.

Video Games 5: Funkeel. Flys around. When angry, it swoops down and tries to lock on to water.

Video Games 6: Knightly Horse. Trots along quickly. When angry, it jumps up and down.


Collectibles: Noodles

  • China 1 - Antelopes (they run and hop)

China 2 - Monkeys (throwers, found sitting on trees and running on ground), China 3 - Giant Salamanders (they swum in the water)

  • China 4 - Snow Leopard (Run and eats)
  • China 5 - Takins (Smasher)
  • China 6 - Pangolins (they roll like a ball)
  • China 7 - Cranes (Flyer/Smasher)
  • China 8 - Red Pandas (Shrub eater) 16:14, April 20, 2018 (UTC)

Ancient Ocean Edit

Did you think that the Jurassic zone was cool? Well take a DEEP look at the Ancient Ocean! Including never-before seen swimming monsters, hungry Megalodons, and deadly blowing geysers!


  • Tree = Coral
  • Rocks = Rocks with seaweed and creatures on it
  • Others = Fossils
  • Shrubs = Seaweed
  • Collectables = Chests


Ancient Ocean 1:

  • Plesiosaurus (When angry, it leaps into the air. Upgrade habitat to make hops less aggressive and to push other plesiosauruses out of the way)
  • Ammonite (When ridden, it flys up into the air. When angry, it starts getting faster and harder to control, like a penguin. Upgrade to increase flight time)
  • Dunkleosteus (When ridden, it charges at everything, smashing it. Upgrade to increase charge time and push other animals while bucking.)

Ancient Ocean 2:

  • Megalodon (When riding other animals, megalodons will give you a 'warning' before charging after you. Eats animals and eats you when angry. Upgrade to be happy longer and to eat everything.)

Ancient Ocean 3:

  • Archelon (Dashes in a short-long pattern, and when angry, it does fast, long, single dashes. Upgrade to turn while dashing and survive smashing into obstacles.)

Ancient Ocean 4:

  • Elasmosaurus (Smashing animal, when angry it tosses you off. Upgrade to smash rocks and fly further.)

Ancient Ocean 5:

  • Dolichorhynchops (Flying animal, when angry it drops to the floor and starts to speed up. Upgrade to accellerate slower and jump off further)

Ancient Ocean 6:

  • Mosasaurus (Acts like the hydra, when angry, it becomes unstable. Upgrade to be more stable and smash small animals.)


City is Garden's downtown neighbour. As such, more giant bugs can be collected. The stampede is on a sidewalk.

Colour scheme:

0m to 1000m: Grey.

1000m to 2000m: Light Grey.

2000m+: Black.

New mechanics: Lolipop sticks (Trees).

Rocks (Central and normal) are like those in Garden, without the true rock formants.

Road (Cliffs).

Giant feet (Fall out of the sky like volcanic rocks and lightning).

Crumbs (Collectables).

City 1: Cockroach. Very common until 2000m. Is a lot like Sheep. When angry, it jumps up and down.

Moth. Flys over the stampede. When ridden, it falls out of the sky and hops like kangaroos. More common beyond 2000m. When angry, it hops more aggresive, and every 4 seconds, it glides like Pegasus.

Snail. Is a Moose and Penguin rolled into one. When angry, it becomes harder to control.

City 2: Wasp. Is a very powerful flying animal. Like Snail, is like a Moose. when angry it swoops and hangs on the ground for a couple, like Owls.

City 3: Centipede. Runs behind like Tyrannosaurus Rexes. Eats animals. Eats the player when angry.

City 4: Racoon. The smasher here. Smashes all but central rocks and giant feet when maxed. When angry, it throws you off.

City 5: Skunk. Runs fast and creates gas that scares away chasing animals. When angry, it throws you off.

City 6: Pidgeon. Flys. Eats all animal exept big animals, Hippos and Skunks. When angry it eats you, then flys away.


The Swamp is like Jungle. As such, water patches are common, however it's full of alege. The walls contain a cool species.

Coulor scheme:

0m to 1000m: Brown.

1000m to 2000m: Green.

2000m+: Yellow.

New mechanics:

Swinging bridges/walkways (Narrow path, rocks and trees don't appear there).

Branches (sloths appear here).

This place is mostly like Jungle to a degree.

Swamp 1: Newt. A very common critter. When angry, it bucks like a boar.

Sloth. Appears on 1/3 of branches. Is a lot like Gorilla. When angry, it falls asleep, ditching you on it. (Big habitat).

Snapping Turtle. Eats animals. Has Croc-like behavior. When angry, it eats you.

Swamp 2: Stork. Flys very slowly. Can withstand small animal crashes. When angry, it swoops.

Swamp 3: Platypus. Is a lot like Turtles. When angry (It won't ever be angry in water), it tosses you off.

Sawmp 4: Jaguar. Eats all animals. Can NOT be upgrade to stay happy via eating creartures (already has it, LOL). When angry, it eats you.

Swamp 5: Swan. Waddles slowly, when angry, it goes faster.


Nightmare is a Space Zoo Zone. Get ready for a supreme scare with creepy creatures, staring Slendermen and large eyeball meteors!

Colour scheme:

0m to 1000m: Black.

1000m to 2000m: Red.

2000m+: Brown.

New mechanics:

Ghostly trees and rocks.

Giant eyballs (fall from the sky).

Pages (Collectables).

Cliffs that fall into black dark clouds.

Music is Halloween event's.

Nightmare 1: Tarantula. Goes fast, like Raptors. When angry, it goes faster.

Slenderman. When wild it stares at you. Stactic shows the closer you get. When ridden it "floats" above the ground and goes THROUGH things (upgrade for animals). When angry, it "eats" you, and the classic Slenderman sound effect plays.(enderman variant? Mob from mincraft based of it)--2001:8003:53BC:DB00:C0CB:86BB:287A:2DEC 08:18, June 15, 2018 (UTC)

Killer Giraffe. Smashes animals (not obstacles). When it smashes something, it goes faster. When angry, it throws you off.

Nightmare 2: Vampire. When ridden it turns into a bat and flies. When angry, it swoops up and down.

Nightmare 3: Medusa. Eats animals. When angry, it eats you.

Nightmare 4: Death Hippo. Smashes it all. When angry, it throws you off.

Nightmare 5: Crawler Zombie. Goes fast. When angry, it jumps up and down.

Nightmare 6: Ghost. Can not be affected by Slendermen. When angry, it goes faster.

Mexicanland Edit

This is a little map that I think that would really take up the culture of Mexico. Note:I am not a Mexican, so if you are yelling me because of this thing,just please, DO NOT EDIT IT DO NOT EDIT IT DO NOT EDIT IT.

Trees:Guitars Rocks:Sombreroes Shrubs:Mini Guitars Collectibles:Maracas

-1000 red 1000-2000 white 2000+ green

Mexicanland 1:Tacos;Abilities: Jump short steps.Alarm:Jumps higher.

Piñatas;Abilities;Very rare,but very good, because it is never dying. Alarm:Hitting 5 obstacles causes it to pop and sending it flying.

Classic IslandsEdit

Even though Islands is already an idea, here is what the Original Islands was like. (DO NOT EDIT OR SAY "this idea is impossible. I made the Classic Islands here so you will know what I planned).



Different side types (Sea Walls might have cliffs, Forests have Pandas).

Bamboo patches (For Pandas).

Colour scheme:

0m to 1000m: Yellow.

1000m to 2000m: Grey.

2000m+: Black.

Classic Islands 1: Iguana. (BOSS: Count Iguana). Is the Boar of Islands. Travels in small packs. When angry, it bucks like Parasaurolophus.

Gazelle. (SECRET: Gazellrey Fox: Ride a Gazelle for 30 seconds). Trots slowly alone or in groups of 2 or 3. When angry, it speeds up slowly.

Panda. (SECRET: PANDOM. Ride 8 animal species in a row in Classic Islands). comes out of forests on bamboo to smash you. Smashes things. Going in a bamboo patch increases time you can ride it. When angry, it sits on the player.

Classic Islands 2: Macaw. (SECRET: Flaw Macaw. Jump 85m off a Macaw). Flys past most things. When angry, it starts to swoop.

Classic Islands 3: Hyena (BOSS: John Hyena). Eats animals with ease. Goes at a fast pace. When angry, it eats the player.

Classic Islands 4: Tortoise. (BOSS: Tortfrog). Smashes things. Goes faster as it smashes things. When angry, it tosses the player off.

Classic Islands 5: Dodo (SECRET: NoNo. Ride a Dodo for 30 seconds). Has moose behavior. Uses it's claw to smash anything. When angry, it speeds up, and the attack recharges slower.

Specialty ZooEdit

The Specialty Zoo is the 3rd Zoo. It allows for Air, Water and Shrunken animals (Garden would be moved here). All zones here have 9 places. The main power source here are Energy Rocks. Missions both grant coins and upgrades.  These are some Zones here.


Of course!


See top of page.


Air is a flying land, where all animals are airborne.


No ground at ALL.

(You can't play Air unless you're riding a Vulture, Toucan, Pterodactyl, Pheonix, Eagle, Dragonfly, Flying Fox, Owl or Air animal of any type).

Colour scheme:


(You see blue sky below, and some clouds, but that's it).

Air 1: Seagull. Flys slowly. When angry, it bucks like Buffalo.

Falcon. Flys behind the player like Tyrannosaurus rexes to try to eat them. Eats animals. When angry, it eats the player.

Crow. Travels in packs. When ridden it dosen't do much. When angry, it goes faster and faster and FASTER.

Air 2: Albatross. Smashes animals. When angry, it throws the player off.

Air 3: Finch. The flying flying animal of Air. When angry, it swoops down, which will kill you in Air due to no ground. Takes a long time to get angry, and swoops slowly.

Air 4: Raven. Eats small animals. When angry, it eats the player.

Air 5: Goose. Travels in Vs. Has Moose behavior. When angry, it goes faster.

Air 6: Martin. Very small. When angry, it swoops, which would kill you in Air. Gains a lot of height before getting mad.

Air 7: Nighthawk. Flys very fast. When angry, it eats the player.

Air IdeasEdit

Put Air animal ideas here!

Fantasyland or Olympice zone#2 Edit

Fantasyland is where things that are so complicated that it would take like, a year to decode. Rock:Guitar Tree:Pencil Collectibles:Horns

Fantasyland 1:Unicorn:Abilities:Like Pegaseus.Alarm:Buck like buffalo. hey I prefer a common Rabbuck or Jackalop

Sworder:Abilities:Can bump animals.Can’t bump trees or rocks.Alarm:Throw you off.

Fairy:Dew Fairy Base,Do not disturb Fairy Secret(Jump 65m from a fairy)Abilities:Fly.Behaves like the oldest toucans(fly from the back,later fly in front)Alarm:Behave like pterodactyl.Mostly prefer Peryton or Ki-rin

Other user named Nathan

Fantasyland 2:Jabberwocky:Abilities:like Grasshopper when continue the short-long jump pattern, slightly slower than when wild, and are difficult to steer up.when angry it throws you off.

Fantasyland 3:Wyvern:Behavior like dragon and trex:leaps over rocks and tree's and eats only fairy's,unicorns and more if you level up except for jabberowcky. Also chases you in the run. when angry it eats you.

Fantasyworld 4:Nuckeleave/dullahan: like Zebra: smash only Unicorens and sworder,fairys and wyverns.gallops when angry.kelpie can also work

Fantasyworld 5:Hippocapus:Behavior like hippo and seal. flopss on land but goes faster on water.flips you off when angry

Fantasy 6:catoblepas:smashes other animals and obtacles.When angry it tosess you. If not a mongolian deathworm or Ammit would work

More is ont the work..................................


Zoo: Sky Zoo

Obstacles - Cacti as trees and rocks

  • Desert 1-Fennec Foxes

Desert 2-Meerkats Desert 3-Toads

  • Desert 4-Roadrunners
  • Desert 5-Cheetahs
  • Desert 6-Falcons
  • Desert 7-Secretary Birds
Desert 8-Aardwolves

Fennec Foxes-move slowly in wild, runs if you ride on them and goes faster when angry and if you upgrade your habitat to LV 6- it will throw you clear if you smash

  • Fennec fox-base
  • Fox in socks- Tier 2
  • Fennel fox-Tier 3
  • Gingerbread fox-Tier 4
  • Sha of seth- Tier 5
  • Pharaoh mummy-Level 9
  • Fox and the grapes-BOSS
  • Simurgh-Endangered

Aardvarks dig under the burrow they run when they angry it digs

Toad-Need water to be happy, they are terrible animals in the desert (note that there are more puddles after 2000m) but are not bad in jungle, when angry, it bucks you

  • Desert toad-base
  • Mr.Toad-Tier 2
  • Toadstool-Tier 3
  • Burritoad-Tier 4
  • Hueso toad-tier 5
  • Narutoad-Level 9
  • Tomatoad-Secret, find in puddles after 2000m
  • Explode toad-Endangered

Meerkat-Wombat behaviour

  • Meerkat-Base
  • Serengeti Meerkat-Tier 2
  • Cheerkat-Tier 3
  • Card soldier meerkat-tier 4
  • Bananimal-tier 5
  • Meerkitty-Level 9
  • Shakespeerkat-Secret, smash 4 or more animals with a meerkat
  • Thundeerkat-Endangered

Roadrunner-Griffin behaviour, when you ride on it it runs, can eat animals ahead on them, flies if there were no animals in front of them.if angry it eats you

  • Roadrunner-Base
  • Indian roadrunner-tier 2
  • Roadgunner-tier 3
  • Samurunner (based on samurai) - tier 4
  • Roadrunner police- tier 5
  • Jokerunner-level 9
  • Rapido roadrunner (based on cinco de mayo)-BOSS
  • Chili roadrunner-Endangered

Cheetah-Tiger behaviour

  • Cheetah-Base
  • King cheetah-tier 2
  • Beetah (bee cheetah)-tier 3
  • Break-fast (based on a waffle)-tier 4
  • Skitah (based on skiing)-tier 5
  • Cheetail (based on Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail)-Level 9
  • Cheatah (based on a lava)-BOSS
  • Cleopatra cheetah-Endangered

Falcon-not perched on rocks, flies like owl but only flap their wings for a few times.

  • Peregrine falcon-Base
  • Lanner falcon-tier 2
  • Mongolian falcon (based on a mongolian warrior)-tier 3
  • Arabian falcon-tier 4
  • Pharaoh falcon-tier 5
  • Citrine peregrine-level 9
  • Captain Falcon-Secret, eat 3 falcons with roadrunners
  • Ra-Endangered

Secretary bird................coming soon!

Lab Edit

This is a place in Space Zoo.




Another desert idea. Ride through the dangerous desert with scary scorpions, mysterious meerkats and destructive death worms!

Desert 1Edit

Antelope - Most common animal found, when angry, it begins to buck up like a grass hopper, each buck getting faster and faster.

Scorpion - 2nd most common, when angry, they can either grab you with their claws and throw you forward or sting you with their tail, resulting in a game over.

Cheetah - They run fast, eat animals, and when angry buck you up in the air and quickly jump and eat you.

Desert 2Edit

Armadillo - They have average speed, when angry, they turn into a ball which can take 1 hit if upgraded.

Desert 3Edit

Meerkat - They have fast speed, and when angry, they will begin to non-stop go faster and faster, slowing down if they are near other animals.

Desert 4Edit

Death Worm - Large, fast and hungry, they can smash rocks and trees, and need to eat animals. When angry, they eat you.

Desert 5Edit

Falcon - They are flying and fast, when angry, they begin to sharply turn up and down in the air and become more unstable.



  • Antelope
  • Ant-elope
  • Plantelope (BOSS)
  • Fantalope
  • Pantylope!

more coming soon!

Space Zoo Cyberworld

Base: Tauntaun (Same as Parasaurolophus) Semibase: Sehlat (Like Wombat, but it jumps up when there is food (eat anythin except Reek n Acklay) Predator: Rancor (Minotaur, but can eat, if hvent eaten in duration, eats player) Speeder: Nexu (Runs and eats, if havent eaten in a period of time, eats player) Small smasher: Reek (Like Moose, only quicker, when rush only smash animals) Smasher: Acklay (Slow, only can smash animals n trees) Bird: Porg (same as any other bird) Tribble (there are holes in the ground, when player reaches them they pop up) 18:55, July 27, 2018 (UTC)Cats174.102.87.19 18:55, July 27, 2018 (UTC) Orange Tabby (Base), Lucy Meowd, Cool Cat with shades, etc. Unicat (Endangered) Siamese Cat (Boss) Persian (Secret) 16:28, July 30, 2018 (UTC)

Southeast Asia Edit 16:28, July 30, 2018 (UTC)

Area 1: Komodo Dragon: can eat animals. Eats player when angry.

Snake- Found hanging on huge branches. Does not need an upgrade to survive crashes. Cannot eat big animals (rhinos, hippos, yaks etc.) Slithers faster when angry.

Slow Loris- Behaves like Drop Bear can eat animals eats player when angry.

Area 2: Clouded Leopard: Found sitting on rocks. Can be upgraded to let player ride for last 5s before it gets angry. When angry, it jumps onto a branch and sits there with the player falling off.

Area 3: Fishing Cat: Found perching near rivers (cliffs). Can be upgraded to keep eating animals happy for longer (Level 4). behaves like t rex.

Pokémon Edit

The Pokemon World would be in the Space Zoo. It would have trees in the shape of pikachu tails Waterfalls?? Area 1: Pikachu: Jumps up and down when ridden. Shocks player when angry. Meowth: Can eat animals (except Yaks, elephants, rhinos, hippos and alligator. Can smash big shrubs. When angry: Eats the player. Area 2: Bulbasaur: Charges like Buffalo. Bucks when angry. Area 3: Evee: Found 1000m or so. Accelerates like ostrich when angry. Can not be upgraded to give player bonus coins. Unlocks at Olympus 6.

Urban Edit

Description: It would have trees and cliffs with water underneath. It also would be in the Specialty Zoo. Area 1: Squirrel: Found sitting in park trees. Bucks like buffalo when angry. Can be upgraded to eat nuts for longer (Level 2). 2x more rare squirrels in the stampede (Level 5 or more) Lets you ride 5 more seconds before it gets angry (Level 3) Chipmunk: Found running on the grass. Bucks like zebra when angry. Area 2: Groundhog: Can smash animals like elephants. Smashing animals help keep groundhogs happy for longer (Level 3). Throws player off when angry. Area 3: Opossum: The speeder here. Accelerates like ostrich when angry. Area 4: Dog: Found chasing after squirrels. Speedy when ridden. Throws player off when angry. Area 5: Goldfish: Found in small patches of water. Area 6: Weasel: Runs behind the player like t-rex. Eats player when angry. Area 7: Skunk: Behaves like t-rex, too

Cretaceous Edit

Well, we have a Jurassic, how about another dino world? It's called Cretaceous. I think I will also add a Triassic world too! And I know that the T-Rex, Triceratops, Raptors, Parasaurlophuses and Anklysauruses weren't living in the Jurassic. I just can't seem why people don't know that those animals LIVED IN THE CRETACEOUS. Shall we begin?

Rocks Trees and Shrubs are Exactly The Same as the Jurassic ones.

Added obstacles: Meteorites.Once they have smashed, you can't pass.

Added collectors:   Sticks: Main collecting stuff. Eggs: Unlocked at Cretaceous 3.

-1000 Pale brown 1000-2000 Blue 2000+ Pitch Black

Cretaceous 1: Iguanodon: Iguanodon Base |Found Past 1000 Abilities:When you let go, it can let you fly exactly 100 meters. Alarm: Throws you.

Spinosaurus: Spinosaurus Base |Abilities: Eats animals. Alarm: Eats you.

Therizinosaurus: Therizinosaurus Base |Abilities: Runs. Alarm: Runs faster, if upgraded to level 5, it is like the moose.

Cretaceous 2: Stygimoloch: Stygimoloch Base | Abilities:Eats shrubs. Alarm: Bucks, but still eats shrubs.

Cretaceous 3: Oviraptor: Oviraptor Base | Abilties:Eats eggs. Needs eggs to stay healthy. Alarm: Throws you 20 meters.

Cretaceous 4: Pentaceratops: Pentaceratops Base | Abilities: A boost for one second. Alarm: Bucks.

Cretaceous 5: Elasmosaurus; Elasmosaurus Base Elasticsaurus Secret (Ride 10 Iguanodons) | Abilities: Like a hippo, but instead, while in the water, they can eat animals. Alarm: Eats you.

Ocean (MLGFoxConfirmed Version)Edit

Ocean 1 - Dolphin - (Swim slowly in the wild, swim faster when ridden, rise up like hinds when angry, they are found > 0m, they have their sounds)

Ocean 1 - Shark - (Swim slowly in the wild, swim faster when ridden can eat everything when at level 6, they need to eat animals to stay happy, otherwise they will eat the player when angry, they are found > 0m, they sound like tyrannosauruses)

Ocean 1 - Swordfish - (Swim slowly in the wild, charges like moose when ridden, will go faster and recharge when angry, they are found > 1000m, they sound like parasaurolophuses)

Ocean 2 - Squid - (They are big trap animals in the wild, they squirt ink at the player in the wild, moves very fast when ridden and can smash rocks when at level 3, they will throw the player up to 80m when angry, they are found > 0m, like the dolphins, they have their own sounds)

Ocean 3 - Eel - (If they are electricuted in the wild, they swim away rapidly and the player cannot lasso it, if not they are not be electricuted, swim slowly, and the player can lasso it, they move fast when ridden, they throw the player up to 40m when angry, they are found > 1000m, they sound like pterodactyls)

Ocean 4 - Anglerfish (In the wild, their lights are off and swim slowly, when ridden, their lights are on and swim faster, the light fades off very fast when it is angry and it moves very fast like ostriches, if the habitat is upgraded at level 6, the light fades off of slowly, they are found > 0m, they sound like the H.R. Tiger, but the Ankylofish, an anglerfish that barely resembles the Ankylosaurus found at > 2000m (Secret mission: Ride 2000m on an anglerfish uniterrupted), it sounds like the Ankylosaurus)

Ocean 5 - Lobster - (In the wild, they swim slowly, when ridden, they move faster and can pinch animals, like griffins, they rise up if there are no animals ahead, they need to pinch animals to be happy, otherwise they will grab the player and pinch them, they are found > 0m, they sound like centipedes)

Ocean 6 - Dugong (They move slowly in the wild, still moves slowly when ridden but feeding it shrubs makes it move faster, they need to eat shrubs to stay happy, otherwise they will throw the player up to 20m, they are found > 1000m, they sound like stegosauruses)


CHKN 1 - Chicken (Wild: Chickens walk in a forward direction. When ridden: Chickens speed up slightly from their wild pace. When angry: Chickens accelerate dramatically, and throw the player off when they hit an obstacle smaller than the chicken (level 5).) CHKN 1 - Dog (Wild: Dogs move slowly individually, and can have the ability to move towards the player while the player is in mid jump (level 6). When ridden: Dogs move at a consistent moderate pace. When angry: Dogs accelerate, moving very fast. The player can be thrown off if they hit an obstacle smaller than the dog (level 5).) CHKN 1 - Horse (Wild: Horses are found moving slowly in groups (0 to 2000m) or alone (2000m and above). When ridden: Horses run at a pace slightly faster than when wild. When angry: Horses buck somewhat similarly to buffaloes, bucking around with short, jerky hops trying to make the player crash.) CHKN 1 - Snake (Wild: Snakes are found slithering on the ground individually, with a side-to-side, wave-like movement. When ridden: Snakes move similarly to wild snakes when ridden. When angry: Snakes speed up slightly, and their side-to-side slithering movement becomes gradually wider, making it very difficult for the player to steer and determine their jump direction. As the player rides them for longer, their heads lift up further off the ground.) CHKN 1 - Giraffes - (Wild: Giraffes move at a slow pace. When ridden: Giraffes run noticeably faster than when they are wild. When angry: Giraffes lurch their neck back and sling the player forwards.) CHKN 2 - Octopus (Wild: Octopuses sit still in pools of water and on land. When ridden: Octopuses suddenly move at a rapid constant rate, and are able to smash into anything in their way except for trees and small animals, if the player has upgraded their octopus habitat to level 5. When angry: Octopuses pick the player up in their first left tentacle and throw them about 45m in the direction in which they are facing.) CHKN 2 - Crab (Wild: Crabs walk around slowly in the stampede in large clusters, being less common from 2000m onwards. When ridden: Crabs will move steadily, jolting back slightly when the player voluntarily jumps off. When angry: Crabs will throw the player off, jolting back slightly.) CHKN 2 - Spider (Wild: When the player runs through a web on a ground level animal, spiders appear directly behind like tyrannosauruses, running faster than the player and aggressively moving towards any evasive manoeuvres the player makes, smashing the player. Only one spider can only appear at a time. When ridden: Spiders run fast, and can smash animals to stay happy. At level 4, Spiders can smash trees. When angry: Spiders slow down, buck the player up, and send them about 50m in the direction that they were facing.) CHKN 2 - Turtle (Wild: Turtles sit still in pools of water and on land. When ridden: Turtles move slow, and speed up marginally when in water and just after they exit the water. When angry: Turtles slow down and buck the player a horribly short distance in the direction they were facing.) CHKN 3 - Cat (Wild: Cats move at a slow pace. When ridden: Cats run at a faster pace than lions and eat small animals that it runs into. Cats cannot eat big animals or other cats in CHKN. When angry: Cats will buck the player straight up in the air and send them up to 45m.) CHKN 3 - Beetle (Wild: Beetles are found mostly alone in the stampede. When ridden: Beetles run faster than when wild and will leap up and jump over trees and rocks, smashing anything upon landing. When running they smash animals normally, similarly to elephants. When angry: Beetles accelerate, moving very fast.) CHKN 4 - Sheep - (Wild: Sheep move forwards slowly. When ridden: Sheep speed up only a little bit from their wild pace, and can push other sheep out of the way. When angry: Sheep buck jerkily, with small, sharp hops, at a fast speed.) CHKN 4 - Elephant (Wild: Elephants appear fairly rarely and usually by themselves moving forward at a slow rate. When ridden: Elephants suddenly move at a rapid constant rate, and are able to smash into anything in their way except for giant centre rocks, if the player has upgraded their elephant habitat to level 5. When angry: Elephants stop and buck the player off, sending them approximately 50m in the direction that they were facing.) CHKN 4 - Pig (Wild: Pigs move slowly in loose packs. When ridden: Pigs hop up and down rapidly but move at a frustratingly slow pace. When angry: Pigs accelerate rapidly when angry and buck at a rapid speed, making them close to uncontrollable. However, when in mud, pigs slow down without bucking and the player can ride them for longer.) CHKN 4 - Llama (Wild: Llamas move slowly in large packs. When ridden: Llamas move noticeably faster than when wild. When angry: Llamas stop, bend back and thrust their neck forward, slinging the player a long distance in the direction in which the player was facing.) CHKN 4 - Goat (Wild: Goats move slowly individually. When ridden: Goats move noticeably faster than when wild. When angry: Goats take two small bucks before jumping far and high, being hard to control.) CHKN 4 - Dragon (Wild: Dragons run in a pouncing manner alone in the stampede. When ridden: Dragons run faster than when wild and will leap up and jump over trees and rocks, smashing anything upon landing. When running they smash animals normally, similarly to elephants. When angry: Slows down, bucks the rider in the air and eats them.) CHKN 4 - Plant (Wild: Plants wait on land, and as the player comes near to them, they will pounce toward the player and attempt to eat them. When ridden: Plants move slowly, but speed up as they smash trees and rocks at level 6. When angry: Plants slow down dramatically to a halt before bucking the player up and eating them.) CHKN 5 - Robots (Wild: Robots run up behind the player at a quick pace (but slower than any running or flying animal) in an attempt to eat them. If they miss or are evaded, they slow down, although if they come into contact with the player's animal, they are eaten. Plus, all robots work with poachers.  When ridden: Robots move about as fast as in the wild, with the ability to eat animals and smash rocks, trees and passes. When angry: Robots slow down, buck the player off and then eat them, before promptly joining new poachers.) CHKN 6 - Cattle (Wild: Cattle move relatively slowly. When ridden: When the player first lassos a cattle, the cattle will charge for a short amount of time and smash anything in the way, an ability gained when the player upgrades their habitat to level 3. After it charges, the cattle moves at a slightly faster pace than wild cattle. When angry: Cattle buck jerkily, much like their male varient, in an attempt to throw the player off and make them crash.) CHKN 7 - Wolf (Wild: Wolves move slowly individually, and can have the ability to move towards the player while the player is in mid jump (level 6). When ridden: Wolves move at a consistent moderate pace. When angry: Wolves accelerate, moving very fast. The player can be thrown off if they hit an obstacle smaller than the wolf (level 5).) CHKN 8 - Rabbit (Wild: Rabbits hop forwards in small pack. When ridden: Rabbits hop similarly to when wild, although at a faster pace. When angry: Rabbits hop in a short-short-long pattern, jumping very high on the long hop. They move at a similar pace to when not angry.) If the developers of CHKN add new animals, then I will put them in this topic. MLGFoxConfirmed (talk) 17:14, September 29, 2018 (UTC)

Forest ZoneEdit

Forest 1 - Pig (Pigs are slow in the wild. Pigs move faster than in wild when ridden. Pigs accelerate like boars do when angry, but mud makes them move slowly without bucking (level 2).) Forest 1 - Lynx (Lynxes are in a moderate speed in the wild. Lynxes move faster when ridden. Lynxes accelerate like ostriches do when angry and can crash from obstacles (level 5).) Forest 1 - Raccoon (Raccoons are like drop bears in the wild. They will jump on the player and eat them depending on the attack radius. Raccoons move fast when ridden. They vault from obstacles like gorillas and drop bears. They need to eat animals to be happy, otherwise they will grab the player and eat them.) Forest 2 - Hedgehog (Hedgehogs move slowly in the wild. Hedgehogs move fatser than in wild. Hedgehogs roll into balls similar to pillbugs but have good steering have the ability to smash anything (level 6).) Forest 3 - Skunks (Skunks move slowly in the wild. Skunks move faster than in wild. They need to spray at animals to stay happy, otherwise they will spray at the player.) Forest 4 - Duck (Ducks are found still in pools of water. Ducks fly in the air when ridden with a quick speed. Ducks swoop like vultures when angry.) Forest 5 - Goldfish (They are found in fish crates. If the player on the crates or any ridden animal smashes it, the goldfish pops out of the box. If any ridden animal smash the crate, goldfish will also blow kiss at the ridden to make animals stay happy for 10 secs before it gets angry. Rarer goldfish give animals more time to stay happy before it gets angry. Goldfish flop on land but swim gracefully in water. Goldfish flop higher when angry if it is on land.) MLGFoxConfirmed (talk) 01:56, October 13, 2018 (UTC)

Rainforest Edit

I have come up with a Rainforest idea. Animals: Frog: jumps slowly along when angry same behaviour as goat. Lemur: behaves exactly like a gorilla. Snake: swings down from trees to eat you. When ridden snakes eat other animals to stay happy. They buck you up and eat you when angry. Macaw: waits on trees for you to land on them. Other from that, the same as other flying animals when angry and ridden. Porcupine: same as pillbug. Found over 1000 metres. Dolphin: flops along when wild. Speeds up in water, otherwise the same as a walrus. Arapaima: waits in pools of water for you to land on them. Otherwise the same as a hippo.


The Cerrado is based on the south american biome of the same name. It introduces anthills. Anthills are scattered across the stampede and act as obstacles, like rocks and trees. The Cerrado is mostly identical to the Outback, except there's no buildings nor cliffs and some of the water pools are bigger.

Cerrado 1

Ocelot - Found running. Behavior is the same as drop bears, except it can't eat big animals at the start, but can be upgraded to do so.

  • Ocelot - Base
  • Jaguarundi
  • Black Cat (Witch)
  • Fat Cat (Garfield)
    • Description: Now where could my lasso be?
  • Goalcelot (Soccer)
  • Revolving Ocelot (Sun, with planets orbiting it)
  • Ocesloth(Sloth colors)

Capybara - Found running. Behavior is the same as zebras, except it doesn't slow down in water. It's the most common animal in the Cerrado.

  • Capybara - Base
  • Capobara (Mafia)
  • Capybaka (Otaku)
    • Description: The #1 fan of Hamsterune Miku.
  • Guinea Hog (Giant guinea pig)
    • Description: That day, humanity received a grim rodent.
  • Corpsebara (Zombie)
  • Cap Bara (Captain America)
  • Copperbara

Anteater - Found running. It can smash anthills, which will keep it happy and let it charge ahead, like the hippo. When angry, it kills the player instantly by throwing them to the ground and pouncing onto them.

  • Giant Anteater - Base
  • Tamandua
  • Aardvark
  • Planteater
  • Silky Anteater (Silk dress)
  • Mosquitoeater
  • Anteater eater(Slightly larger, darker colors and larger claws)

Cerrado 2

Tapir - Found running. Same behavior as walrus, except with water instead of ice. Its habitat in the zoo is bigger than others.

  • Brazilian Tapir - Base
  • Malayan Tapir
  • Tapyro (Team Fortress 2)
  • Bentapir Button (Colors of a baby tapir)
  • Carnival Tapir
  • Imran Tapir (Based on South African leg spinner Imran Tahir)
    • Description: Loves a wild celebration.

Cerrado 3

Duck - Found flying. It flies just like other birds, but when it gets angry, it falls to the ground and starts running. If it touches water, it will swim in it and, as soon as it gets out, it will take flight and fall again.

  • Domestic Duck - Base
  • Mallard
  • Mandarin Duck
  • Common Eider
  • Darth Veider
  • Sailor Duck (Donald Duck)

Cerrado 4

Sloth - Found chilling in trees. It crawls on the ground slowly, but gets faster on water. When angry it takes small hops.

  • Sloth - Base
  • Slog (Snail shell)
  • Tattooed Sloth
  • Maned Sloth (Lion mane)
  • Sylvester Stalloth
  • The Sin of Sloth(Devil)
  • Ocesloth 2.0(Ocelot colors)

Cerrado 5

Armadillo - Found running. Behavior is the same as wombat. Can be upgraded to smash anthills without crashing.

  • Giant Armadillo - Base
  • Pink Fairy Armadillo
  • Hairy Armadillo (Human hair)
  • Armadrillo (Gurren Lagann)
  • Soccerdillo (Soccer ball)
  • Cangacillo (Cangaceiro)
  • Karmadillo (Buddhism related)

Manozika7 (talk) 19:10, December 5, 2018 (UTC)

New Zone Idea: Prairie/Grasslands Edit

Prairie/Grasslands (in Sky Zoo)

A unique zone lined with tall grasses, dense shrubs, sandy terrain and rock formations. On the road are slacks of mud that the player slips uncontrollably when stepped on unlike water or ice. Animals are somewhat tricky to tame.

Possible prairie animals:

- Quail/Partridge

Behaves similarly to pegasi in Olympus (short flights when first caught, then runs). Hard to tame, since they move away from your lasso. They fly for a brief moment when first ridden (like pegasi), then run at swift speeds like emus. When angry, it flies away, causing the player to fall off. Spawns in huge coveys.

- Jerboa (kangaroo rat)

Acts similar to a gorilla; leaps over obstacles (as well as animals without crashing into them), but without ground-pounding upon landing. Though, they hop regularly when ridden like kangaroos and erratically when angry (like hinds).

- Prairie dog/Gopher

Can be found poking in and out of their burrows when player nears (like how walruses jump onto the stampede from side). Scurries rapidly when ridden, and like wombats, dig underground when angry.

- Falcon

Behavior is reminiscent of an eagle or vulture, but flies at faster speeds; flies level temporarily when ridden, swooping up & down when angry.

- Badger

Not very fast runners consuming other animals, like bears. Capable of even catching gophers in their burrows while tunneling underground. Can’t be ridden for as long than other carnivores due to their aggressive nature. They can also be found in holes or crossing the stampede, digging burrows when angry like prairie dogs.

- Coyote

Runs faster when angry; operates just like wolf and fox.

- Bison

When ridden, briskly gallops at a faster rate while smashing objects in their path like elephants, though not as long (so they get angry faster). Hops and bucks like yak when angry. They spawn in herds.

- Rattlesnake

Behaves sort of like alligator and hydra. They’re found resting, rather next to rocky surfaces (instead of water) or hidden in the straw or brush coiled up, striking at any small animal that crosses its path and eating it one at a time like gators. Uncoils and slithers sideways like angry hydras when ridden (also only eats 1 small animal per ridden snake), and wraps the player in a coil to death swallowing him/her whole when angry while slowing to a complete stop. 19:32, January 4, 2019 (UTC) Johan


Space Zoo New Zone Suggestion - Underworld. A place for dark(or maybe not so dark) mythical creatures.

*Map Appearance/System

  • Blackish stone floor with stalagmites(while the player can't see it, the idea is since this is the 'underworld', the map is a large cavern with a very, very high ceiling).
  • Lava - On each/one side of the map, with occasional rocks jutting out of them. Drips/Flows off cliffs.
    • Getting in contact with the lava on the side will immediately burn the player to death unless they are riding a salamander(see below). Like Jurassic's meteors/Olympic's lightning, there will be round warning marks - a column of lava will burst from the floor and leave a round pool of lava as it sinks back into the ground.
    • Being too near the column or stepping on the lava pool will cause the player to burn normally.
    • As there are no puddles, a salamander has to be ridden to put out the fire(also see below).
  • Collectible: Ghosts, shaped like the Halloween event ghosts and somewhere around the size of Jurassic's eggs(or smaller).

Animals Edit

Base animals are bolded, animals marked with asterisks(*) are creatures that really exist in mythology or in real life. Currently NOT listed in order of appearance.

Hellhound* Edit

  • Runs normally in stampede. Speeds up when angry. Can be upgraded to throw the player after crashing & burn slowly when ridden.
    • Fenrir*: Giant wolf in Norse legend.

Demon* Edit

  • Runs normally in stampede. Jumps on obstacles and glides down. Jumps and bucks midair when angry, throwing the player off.
    • Lemon Demon
    • Demonocle

Gargoyle* Edit

  • Sits still in the map like an obstacle, facing the player. When ridden, runs in a hop-like gait like the Arctic Hare. When angry, jolts to a stop and solidifies in a sitting pose, throwing the player.
    • Gargoyle of Liberty: Statue of Liberty reference.

Wyvern* Edit

  • Flying animals that can smash small animals. Swoops down somewhere in front of the player and flies in the same pace for a while.
    • Amphiptere*
    • Lindwyrm*
    • Roc*

Werewolf* Edit

  • "Rumored to be a human-turned bloodthirsty monster. Actually a nice neighboring canine who happens to be able to walk on two legs."
  • Jogs in the map on two legs with a slouch, runs on four legs when ridden. Smashes trees. Alternates between jumping and running when angry.
    • Werewoof: Dog version of the werewolf.
    • Yeti*
    • Wirewolf: Steampunk themed with wires.

Wendigo* Edit

  • Large predator animal, eats the player when angry. Can be upgraded to eat anything. After every 6 animals eaten, charges with antlers down and smashes anything once. Will not eat until an animal or obstacle is smashed.
    • Whendigo: Time/clock themed.

Salamander* Edit

  • Crawls on the side of/in the lava. Fast-ish in lava, slow on land. Player is immune to burning while riding them and all previous burns will disappear. Start zig-zagging and become harder to control when angry.
    • Solomonder: Solomon reference. "A wise king who told the arguing salamanders to split the egg in half."

Drake* Edit

  • Giant quadrupedal dark-grey reptile with ridges running down its back, like a wingless western dragon. Player is warned by the ground shaking and claws appearing to grip the side of the cliff - drakes will start to climb up slightly ahead of the player, and stick out its head and shoulders just in time to crash if the player doesn't avoid it. If the player avoids it, it will climb up the rest of the way and speed up to run ahead of the player at a certain distance for a while before slowing down. When ridden, immune to everything except lava columns. Eats the player when angry.
    • Draken: Drake version of a kraken.
    • Drakezilla: Godzilla reference.


Edits are in progress. Feel free to come to the Underworld thread in the Discussions section to give ideas/opinions. :) I'd prefer if people didn't edit this directly. SkyWolf25 (talk) 02:52, January 16, 2019 (UTC)SkyWolf25


The triassic would basicaly be dinosaur area #2. It would be a desert, with many rock arches, cliffs, no pools of water, and skulls instead of shrubs in some places.

Triassic 1:

Plateosaurus: like a small brontosaurus, but less bulky

Wild: Plods along slowly

Ridden: Walks on hind legs at a faster pace. Gets angry at a reasonable rate

Angry: flings you off like a llama

Herrerasauras: like a slightly larger velociraptor with bigger teeth/mouth

Wild: Runs around at a medium pace

Ridden: Runs slightly faster. Can eat very small animals. Gets angry at a reasonable rate.

Angry: Throws you off about 30 meters

Eoraptor: a rabbit-sized velociraptor

Wild: Sprints pretty fast through the stampede

Ridden: Sprints at the same speed. Gets angry quickly.

Angry: Speeds up a lot in a short time and stays at that speed.

More coming soon

Epekkamaster (talk) 16:04, January 30, 2019 (UTC)

Ruins area Edit

Note: before reading this please know, I have no idea if someone has made this already or not. I did not copy anyone, even if it is very similar to something else.

DESCRIPTION: In my opinion, ruins could be a pretty cool area for the sky Zoo. I haven't seen many of sky-zoo ideas in here, so I think it might be new. It is inspired in Aztec ruins, hints the name. It looks like Mexico in the map section, since it has many of Aztec ruins. I chose Mexico over Peru, Brasil... because the Savahna area looks like Africa, and South America. Sadly, I doubt it will ever get used. Anyway, back to Mexico, I think it is a pretty solid assumption, considering the previous ones we have. The color pallets are a mixture of the actual building and the fields, so:

0m-1000m, beige and light green.

1000m-2000m, darker beige, and dark green.

2000m+, grey and brown.

GAMEPLAY: The map gameplay is never something I look forward to since it probably plays similar to the last. However, In this case, we have regular trees, Aztec leftovers (rocks) and little shrubs. Aztec's pillars and walls will appear, blocking the way, and in some cases, the will collapse, leaving you with not as much space as you would want. Occasionally, water pools appear for otters (more below)

I suppose animals enter in gameplay, so here they are. Note: I did not think of what (all of them) will do or rare versions. I will only say, there are 7 (the usual number of sky zoo) and here they are:

Ruins 1:

- Monkey. Thrower.

- Capybara. Runner,

- Otter. Sits in water.

Ruins 2: Armadillo: Smasher. Rolls when you get on it.

Ruins 3: Hare. Works like rabbits, but smaller.

Ruins 4: Hawk. Area bird, like the toucan or vulture. Sits on columns.

Ruins 5: Tapir. Like moose.

BONUS: When you get to Ruins 3, you will get more than just rabbits. You will get a new sky zoo area: ICE AGE. Not very developed as an idea, but I can say you get frozen bones as the collectible, and a few animals:

- Giant Sloths.

- Saber tooth tiger.

- Dodo.

Nathan jpg (talk) 03:44, March 13, 2019 (UTC)Different person here. Just saying that there are in total 3 people who did it, so pls make it unique.

Canadian wilderness/sheildEdit

Coming sooon