Taming Edit

New animals can be tamed by riding them for a certain period of time. Directly after taming them, the player must take a photo of them riding the animal in a photo menu. Then, the player must name the animal. Afterwards, the player promptly returns to the stampede to continue riding and taming animals. It is possible can go back to the photo menu manually through a purple button in the pause menu, where it is also possible to rename the animal. Once tamed, the animal will go in either the Sky Zoo or the Space Zoo, depending on what zone it is from, and generate income during cruises.

There are generally 8 to 10 animals of each species to tame. A few can be spawned through completing hidden missions in the stampede (see secret animals here), or upgrading the respective animal habitat to level 9. Others can be bought during special limited time events, and some can be bought with real money from the store.

Since all animals become angry when riding them, they can be difficult to tame. Buffalo, boars, goats and the like will generally become angry during taming. Because some animals will launch you forwards when angry, they will not do this before they are tamed. Lions, tigers, and other predatory animals can eat the player before they have been tamed, so players should upgrade their habitats so that eating other animals keeps them happy for longer.

Lassoing Edit

To move from one animal from the next, lift your finger up off the screen to jump off your current animal. How far you travel forward depends on your speed while you were riding the previous animal. Hold your finger down when you are hovering over an animal you want to ride to lasso it and ride it. The animal that you can currently lasso will be gold in colour. Jumping decreases lasso size, however certain animal habitats can be upgraded to not decrease lasso size when landing on that animal.

Taming or lassoing wild animals gets you XP, which can be seen by a small blue hat icon appearing upon landing. Rarer animals are worth more XP, while Base animals earn no XP, meaning that the hat icon does not appear. When you get a certain amount of XP on a single species of animal, you will advance a XP level on that animal species. The levels are advanced like this: Novice to Wrangler to Champion to Master. When you advance, a random clothing item (Hat) will be unlocked for the player to wear.