The Termigator is the eighth alligator that the player can find. Like all endangered animals, the player can only find it on certain random single days. Its match can then be found on certain random days after the player tames it.

Appearance Edit

The Termigator is predominantly dark red, with a black frontal body, which can be seen to be a t-shirt. Over its eyes are a pair of black rectangular sunglasses with red lights shining through from underneath. A red aura surrounds the sunglasses. Finally, it has metal plating on its tail, the left half of its upper jaw and the right half of the base of its tail.

Description Edit

Crocodile be back.

Requirements Edit

  • Sky Zoo upgraded to Jungle 1 or greater.
  • Alligator tamed.
  • Can only be tamed on a certain random day, and can only be matched on a certain random day after it has been tamed.
    • Ride past 1100m in Jungle (always found beside water).

Note: Its chance of appearing is extremely low due to it being a tier 5 animal. It will appear randomly but very rarely, and doesn't appear before 1100m.

Baby Termigator Edit

Baby Termigator
  • Crates give 30% more coins
  • Animals are 10% faster in water
  • Lasso shrinks 1% slower (passive)

Trivia Edit

  • The Termigator is a reference to the Terminator, a robot designed to stop at nothing to complete its objective from a fictional movie franchise of the same name.
    • The description plays on Arnold Schwarzenegger, the actor who plays the Terminator in each of the five films, and his famed quote 'I'll be back'.

Notes Edit

  • The Termigator was released in version 1.7.0 on the 23rd of March 2017 along with all other original endangered animals.
  • The Termigator's appearance changed at an unknown date, with the laser beam extending from the middle of the sunglasses being removed.
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