Opening Screen

The tutorial is the very first part of the game. It features a farm-style map, with the player being given the option of changing their character, learn how to control an animal's movement and jump from and lasso animals. The opening screen, which can only be viewed before the tutorial is completed, shows a red barn and has country-style swing music.

Character Select Edit

Character Select

The character select screen is the first chance the player gets to customise their avatar - in particular, its gender, skin colour, hair colour and clothing. Once the player has chosen their character, they can change them at any point throughout the game.

Previously, the character could not be changed, however this was changed in version 1.19.0 on the 16th of August 2018.

Horse Edit

Horse t

The horse, like the reindeer, is a playable animal that cannot be befriended. The player can ride it infinitely, however, it never gets angry, and continues to run steadily in a straight line. It is also unable to be steered.

Cape Buffalo Edit

The player is required to jump from the horse to a Cape Buffalo, where they will get their first taste of an angry buffalo and steering.

Zebra Edit

The player is then transported to the Savannah to tame the Zebra, with the mission "Tame a more exciting animal" being present. The player is required to tame the Zebra to progress.

Sky Zoo Edit

The player is then taught how to open for business and upgrade habitats. From here they can play the game by themselves.

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