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Note: This article is about the individual animal called the Wombat. For information about the animal species Wombat, please click here.
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Wombat
Class Base
Zone Outback
Unlocked Outback 2
Tier Tier 1
Distance Found > 0m
XP Given 0
Breeding Time 1hr

The Wombat is the first type of wombat that can be befriended in the stampede.

Appearance Edit

The Wombat is small and compact, shaped like a pill, with four short stubby legs, a round nose with two nostrils, two small pointy ears, a head that cannot be distinguished from its body due to the lack of a neck and a short tail. It is a greyish brown colour all over, fading slightly at the underside, and has darker brown feet. Its legs have a slight pink tinge.

Description Edit

Shy, territorial and nocturnal, these powerful diggers spend much of their time underground.

Requirements Edit

Baby Wombat Edit

Baby Wombat
  • Jump from animals 6% faster

Trivia Edit

  • The description references its real life and in-game attributes.
  • The Baby Wombat reflects how the player can jump very far after smashing an object with a wombat.

Notes Edit

  • The Wombat was released in version 1.3.0 on the 13th of October 2016 along with Outback and all other Outback species.
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