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Note: This article is about the individual animal called the Zebra. For information about the animal species Zebra, please click here.
Zoo Sky Zoo
Species Zebra
Class Base
Zone Savannah
Unlocked Savannah 1
Tier Tier 1
Distance Found > 0m
XP Given 0
Breeding Time 30min

The Zebra is the first type of zebra in the game and the second species overall. The player can find it through normal play after they have completed the initial tutorial.

Appearance Edit

The Zebra looks like a real-life zebra, with black and white vertical stripes on its body. On its legs there are black and white horizontal stripes. It has a black nose and a black and white tail with a black tip.

Description Edit

Originally thought to be a white horse with black markings. To a zebra, stripes are always flattering.

Requirements Edit

Baby Zebra Edit

Baby Zebra
  • Lasso shrinks 4% slower

Trivia Edit

  • The description is a reference to how it was originally thought that zebras were a kind of horse.
  • The Zebra, alongside the Cape Buffalo, is one of two animals in the game to have the breeding time of 30 minutes.
  • The Baby Zebra's ability reflects that of the adult's.

Notes Edit

  • The Zebra was released in the original release, version 1.0.0, on the 22nd of June 2016, along with Savannah and all other original Savannah animals, Jungle and all original Jungle animals, and the Sky Zoo.
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