Zoo Coin Model

A zoo coin that can be found in the zoos

Zoos are where all collected animals are housed. They are housed in habitats, which are upgradable and change in appearance when upgraded. Every habitat can be upgraded 9 times. Zoos change appearance each time the ship is upgraded. Each zoo can be seen to be on a flying ship of some sort. The player can earn large amounts of money from 'opening for business', with visitors being let into the zoo. When visitors are in the zoo, zoo coins (Zoo Coin) can be found throughout the zoo in which tapping one would result in the player earning a very small amount of money. The more animals that the player has on their ship, the more zoo money they get on a cruise. The player can also get more money from cruises if they have upgraded animal enclosures to a specific level. There are 2 different zoos, the Sky Zoo and Space Zoo, housing different animals and serving as gateways to different zones.

Zoos Edit

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